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Orpington MeetUp has been running since January 2016 and the group is going strong!

The group hosts many events throughout the year.

Events include restaurant meals, pub nights, theatre trips, country walks and other things as well.

If you're looking to meet people, for friendship and fun, this group is for you.

Hope to meet you soon! David (The Orpington MeetUp Leader)

(A special thank you to Dawn for starting this group. She has now handed over the reigns)


Terms and Conditions
By being a member of Orpington MeetUp, you agree to these terms

1. There is a £1 charge to attend each event. Please make sure you bring cash to pay at the event. (We’re not running the £10 annual membership in 2020)

2. You must ensure you can actually attend the event before sending an RSVP to attend, or join a waitlist.

3. If you are on a waitlist, you must keep aware of your position on the waitlist, in case you move to the going list.

4. If you are on a ‘waitlist’, or a ‘going’ list, and no longer wish to attend, you must change your RSVP to ‘not going’.

5. If you are on the ‘going’ list for any Orpington MeetUp event, and you do not attend, you will be marked as a ‘No-Show’ on the MeetUp website and incur a ‘strike’ against your name. (This applies to all events posted by Orpington MeetUp)

6. If you remove your name from a ‘going’ list within 24 hours of the start time of any Orpington MeetUp event, you MUST send a direct message to the event host to explain why you have cancelled at short notice. Posting a message only on the website message board will NOT be accepted as a valid message to the event organiser.

7. People who repeatedly sign up, then cancel within 48 hrs of an IN-PERSON event will be liable to be temporarily or permanently removed from the group. The leadership team will review each situation on a case by case basis with compassion in order to be fair to everyone with the group and ensure other members are not prevented from attending events due to late cancellations. It is acknowledged that the definition of 'repeatedly' is vague, the definition will currently be decided by the leadership team however it is planned that this is reviewed to provide clarity. Timescales for the review are currently to be decided,please bear with us during the interim.

8. The Orpington MeetUp organisers group decision is final.

9. Each strike will stay on record and active for six months.

10. If a person has three active strikes they will be removed from Orpington MeetUp and permanently prevented from rejoining.

11. This is not a dating site. Members don't join us with that in mind. So please be respectful of that. But if you happen to find that special someone, then lucky you!

12. Your profile picture must be an up to date and clear un-edited picture of you. No silly picture filters please. (For everyones safety, we need to be able to recognise you)

13. If it’s been more than a year since you attended any of our events, we may remove your name from our group. We may also remove your name if you haven’t looked at our site for over 5 months (yes, we can tell). Removing inactive members helps to keep the members list current.

-- Disclaimer --
Members who participate in Orpington MeetUp events, do so at their own risk. The organisers, members and the group accept no liability to members, for any loss or damage to personal property, or personal injury when you attend events. By clicking to join this group, you are accepting and acknowledging this clause. Thank you.

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Weekend Online Chat and Connect

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