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This group is for artists and designers who are in their effort to improve their skill and develop the knowledge, and also want to build a network of creators. It doesn't matter if you are amateur or a professional artists/designers. Digital artists, 2D artists, 3D artists, illustrators, painters, sketchers, concept artists, character designers, game designers, web designers, industrial designers... any field of artists and designers are welcome.

Concept: this is a group for all artists and designers who love creativity and want to improve their skill making good networking with other creators. It is really difficult to maintain the motivation if you study/practice art alone. But what if you have pals who have the same goals, work together, share the ideas and opinions, give advice/critique each other in a good way, and encourage, sometimes hang out for fun together? Then your path for the achievement would be more enriched. This meetup group was created based on the purpose.

What we do in this group: 1:We have regular meet up once a week. In the regular meet up, we will be meeting in cafes and work on your own drawing/painting/sketching/designing practice or projects for a couple of hours. Then, we have a brief conversation for 30min or so. Or, we could go have dinner or drink afterwards to make friends and share ideas and experiences.
2: We are also planning some special meet up such as museum tours, urban sketching, photo shooting for gathering references, movie meet up, and dinner/drinking parties etc to get new ideas and expand our knowledge, experience, references, and networking with other creators with warm friendship. This is a group to improve your skills helping each other.

Anyone is welcome but especially those who are serious about their art working and improving their skill and network. Please join us and let's seek path together to become better artists.


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【Umeda】Creative Jam #42

Needs a location

Thank you so much for all the members who joined this group. I've just set our 42nd regular meet up in Umeda. We will meet at Nana’s green tee cafe, located inside Grand Front Osaka south building, 4th floor. During the hours between 6pm and 8pm, we sit down any seat you want, and work on your own practice/work/project. If you want to, you can enjoy talk with this meet up members too. When time is up, I will speak to you all so that we can get gather on a table and we will enjoy conversation for 30min or so. We maybe would go out for dinner afterwards, but we can decide it on the day :) #You can come and leave anytime you want. It would be grateful if you talk to me when you come/when you leave. #Bring anything you need. #Please order a cup of drink as we want to use this cafe regularly. We are very looking forward to seeing you! ※このミートアップはアーティストやクリエイターの輪を広げるためのものでランゲージエクスチェンジや英語学習を主な目的としていません。ランゲージエクスチェンジや英語学習専門のミートアップは他に多数ございますので、希望の方はそちらでの参加をお願いいたします。

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【Umeda】Creative Jam #41

Needs a location

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