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(English below.)ビットコインキャッシュに興味がある人が集まるイベントです。ビットコインは”学問の総合格闘技”と言われるほど、トピックもその日によって色々です!ビットコインがなぜ作られたのかや、最近の動向がどうなっているかなど,ビギナーから古参ビットコイナーまで一緒にご飯を食べながら自由にお話します。






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This meetup is a place to discuss about Bitcoin Cash, adoption, use cases, and current developments in the space.

Casual meet up style, from beginners to Bitcoiners (hodlers and users) can enjoy discussing and eating ;)

Organized by enthusiasts for adoption of BCH.

Those who are interested in..

-Bitcoin Cash,
-original intention of inventer of bitcoin ,
-Accepting BCH payment for business,
-What is Bitcoin all about!

...are all welcome!

Lets's make a wonderful community together! ;)

(Not only men, ladies can join! One of the organizers is female!)

Looking forward to seeing you!
Thank you.

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