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Clarke's 3rd Law "Any Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
Biology is that sufficiently advanced technology.
A new modified Theory of Mind is all that is required for humanity to take the next step.
We have developed such a Theory and additional ensuing hypothesis.
There is evidence supporting biological human superorganism like activity.
Gaianthropo Superorganism
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" and this we can present.
The catch is that a fair amount must be learned in order to perceive the evidence.
This is not for timid minds. Extraordinary accomplishment requires extraordinary effort.
We're on the cusp of a new evolution. "Greatness is what we on the brink of" Nicki Minaj
The nearest evolutionary leap to rival the potential of this was the advent of Eukaryotes.

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Online Anytime Meetup; All information is free and online. Updated and improved for clarity. ... Quick Synopsis: (YouTube = 🧬) 🧬 "Penny Visits Leonard At His Lab", & 🧬👈🏼This is the information. We have 3 distinct brains; 🐙Enteric & Sub-Thalamus (Granny "Life🐙"); 💃🏼Right Hemispheric Brain (Tootsie "Anthro💃🏼"); & 🧠Left Brain (You "Consciousness/Will/Action Potentials🧠). ... 🧬🐙💃🏼|🧠 👈🏼Pink Floyd ~ Hey You, ~ The Wall ... Tootsie communes with Granny, who runs our genetic programs. Tootsie only answers to you what you ask of her. 🐙Instinct; 💃🏼Talent; 🧠 Halfwit; & If you don't treat your girl right, she won't tell you very much. If you don't know her, or even that she even exists, how can you optimize relations💃🏼|🧠. 🧬 · Live with excellence 0:53 "The Big Bang Theory - Penny's nerd joke" ... Rapunzel "Entangled"; 🧬 "Pringles: "Sad Device" - 2019 Super Bowl Commercial" ... Adele ~ Hello, & Dragonette ~ Hello ... House "Both Sides Now", ... Thirteen: And it’s not a coordination issue. Dehydration can cause loss of balance. We haven’t had him on IV. Foreman: No, good skin turgor. Not orthostatic. House: Could be our tax dollars at work, constantly building new roadways and bridges. [He puts the lipstick in his jacket pocket.] A meningioma. Slow growing. Could extend along the subosteal layer of the cranial cavity and be hidden by the bone. Thirteen: The cancer cells are actually re-growing a connection between the left and right hemispheres. Foreman: If you’re right, the two halves have begun sending messages again, but it’s too early in the process for him to pick up on it. But, we can test for it. [Cut to Wilson’s office. House tosses 2 thermal pictures of Cuddy on the desk.] House: Proof. Wilson: You didn’t talk to her, did you? House: If I talked, she’d have lied. I’d have lied. And though two negatives make a positive, I thought thermal-imaging photos seemed simpler. Note how many more heated areas appear after less than a minute with me. ... 🧬 ""I am the brain tumor" The big bang theory" ... "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." John Lennon

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