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Would you like to try a meditation that uses the body first through dance, shaking or other techniques before going into silence? Do you enjoy, or like me, love OSHO® Active Meditations? If YES, then join Osho Ireland. 
Osho Ireland shares OSHO® Active meditations online via zoom and Facebook Live. All of the OSHO® Active meditations are shared according to the instructions in Meditation: The First and Last Freedom  and they are set to music that was specifically created for the meditations. 
These meditations are ideal for beginners and seasoned mediators alike who want to experience the beauty and celebration of life through meditation along with a deeper connection to yourself. 
I look forward to sharing these transformative meditations with you. 
Love Anand 
Osho Ireland is an OSHO Information Centre and listed on the OSHO International Foundation website at www.osho.com 
The facilitators are certified OSHO Active Meditation facilitators from the OSHO International Foundation. 

You can visit www.osho.com to learn more about Osho and the OSHO® Active meditations.  This is the official OSHO® website. You can buy books, CDs or find out more about the meditation centre in Pune if you would like a deeper experience of the meditations. 
OSHO is a registered trademark of Osho International Foundation, used with permission, www.osho.com/trademarks. 
Some material used here (images and text excerpts) is Copyright © OSHO International Foundation, www.osho.com/copyright 

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Meditations from the Book of Secrets - every Sunday

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Meditations from the Book of Secrets - every Sunday

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