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Awakening the Kundalini Easily Have you ever wondered what the Kundalini really is? You may have heard that the Kundalini is a power that is coiled up at the base of the spine and has to be awakened by some mysterious process. But what is this power? And what is the process that awakens it and how will it manifest in your life? And what about the dangers that people associate with awakening this mysterious Kundalini? Yes Virginia, there really is a Kundalini and it can be awakened easily. And if the Kundalini is awakened properly, your life is filled with happiness and joy. So why do people say that there is danger associated with awakening the Kundalini? There are two distinct ways to awaken the Kundalini. The first is the one where all the danger lies. In this process, a powerful breathing technique (pranayama) is used to strike the Kundalini~

Angry, the Kundalini arises hisses like a Cobra being struck. Who could blame the Kundalini being angry after being struck? So now that you have an angry Kundalini on your hands, what do you do? You go to a Kundalini master who teaches you how to handle the snake carefully, of course. In this process there is always danger that has to be protected against.

This is the Way of Shiva The other approach is to treat the Kundalini as a super intelligent friend who always wants to help you. The Kundalini wants to do whatever it can to help you know it better. It is always awake and moving in your life already. This is a safe, happy way to come to know the Kundalini. So why haven't you heard of this process? This method has existed just as long as the previous one. This method uses the sexual energy that is in each of us. These methods are outside the cultural norms of society, and are easily mistaken as sexual indulgence. The difference is that sexual indulgence wastes energy and Tantric methods increase the energy. This is the Way of Shakti. This workshop will demonstrate both methods, allowing you to contrast and compare the different approaches. Mantras will be introduced that manipulate the awakened Kundalini to get every good thing in your life!!


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