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sitting and active meditations; Osho video discourse supporting our life journey
Free meetup: Osho video discourse. Osho is an enlightened master like Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus. A quote from Osho: "A real master never tries to change anybody directly; He is like a subtle fragrance, he surrounds you. If you are open, a little whiff will enter in you. If you are not open, he will wait at the door; he will not even knock, because that may also disturb your sleep. It is your sleep . . . you have all the right to sleep as long as you want; it is nobody's business to awaken you." We'll also practice an active meditation to release tension, or a soft, guided meditation with music or Tibetan bells in background -- beautiful support for relaxing into a quiet space. Ending with a discussion about our experience of the evening. • What to bring casual, arrive few minutes before 6 pm to settle in.

Private residence, southwest Fort Worth. Info: Call 817-319-5087

Call 817-319-5087 · Fort Worth, tx

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