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Osho Kundalini Meditation followed by JUST DANCE, an all ages community event!
JUST DANCE is an awesome all ages event, for everyone! Every dance evening begins at 7:30 pm with the opportunity to participate in Osho Kundalini Meditation, NOW every week in Vancouver! To see what's happening this week visit ( or and share easily with friends, to get the word out! If you are interested in co-creating this amazing event, contact us! Just Dance is a non-profit, volunteer run event, for all ages! Volunteering begins at 4:30 pm with setup on Saturday Journeys evenings and at 6 pm on regular Friday evening events. Please note: The third SATURDAY of every month is JOURNEYS!! The evening of dancing, after the meditation, begins with an opening circle, where the purpose and flow of the evening will be explained. This happens at 9 pm. From 9pm until 11:30 pm or so, the dance journey will be under way. There is no talking on the dance floor, so as to facilitate a deeper inward space for each participant. There is a chat room, near the front doors, which is beautifully decorated, and set up with chairs. This is a space where you might enjoy chatting or relaxing. Osho Kundalini Meditation 7:30pm - 8:30 pm (free)! (We usually ask to pay ahead refundable $15 at the door, given back if you leave after meditation). Detailed instruction given before the meditation at 7:25 pm, please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to settle in and receive the instruction. about Osho Kundalini meditation: Before each dance, at 7:30 pm, we offer an optional and free 1-hour OSHO Kundalini Meditation. This modern active meditation is specifically designed to calm the mind, get centered, let go of the week and allow for a more vibrant mind/body experience during Just Dance. This meditation is equally accessible and rewarding for first-timers and experienced meditators. It consists of 4 stages of 15 minutes each. The first two stages allow for 30 minutes of movement followed by 30 minutes of stillness and silence. The format is clearly explained before each meditation and is easy to follow as it unfolds along a specifically designed soundtrack. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early as the meditation instructions preface the 7:30 pm start. About Just Dance: Alcohol free dancing space with great all ages vibe - 9 pm to midnight ($15) (free with 45 minutes or more volunteering) to see what's happening this week (*please note on the third week of every month, we move to a Saturday evening) and to invite friends and RSVP Please contact Rubai or Sumiran, if you would like to volunteer Text[masked] For more details. See you on the dance floor!

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Welcome to Osho Meditation Meetup in BC!

We are individuals who enjoy getting together to share meditation space. Whenever possible we bring trained facilitators to guide the group process.

We have found that meditating in a group can be helpful to move deeper into our centre.

We understand that meditation is a knack, and once you get the knack of it, you've got it!

This group explores active and passive meditations devised or recommended by the enlightened mystic Osho. Some of the meditations include: Osho Dynamic, Osho Kundalini, Nadabrahma, Vipassana, Nataraj, Osho No-Mind, No-Dimensions, Kirtan, Sufi Whirling, Tantra, Chakra Sounds, Chakra Breathing, listening to Osho talks as a meditation, Evening Meeting meditation, and Videos of Osho talks.

Events are held in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey, Gibsons Sunshine Coast and around BC

Regular weekend, weekday and 1 to 3 day Meditation Retreats / Workshops.

Free Library of Osho Books, Audio and Video.

About Osho:

Osho does not teach any religion and does not belong to any particular religion. What he offers is a sense of religiousness - the real fragrance of all the flowers of existence, the buddhas, the mystics and sages that this world has known.
Osho has given thousands of discourses (talks) on all the well-known and not so known mystics of the world—from Ashtavakra to Zarathusthra.
Osho is a modern day mystic whose wisdom, clarity and humour is continually touching the lives of millions of people around the world.
His insights are creating the conducive atmosphere or "Atma-Sphere ” for the emergence of what he calls the ‘New Man’ or Zorba, the Buddha – He describes the combination of celebration, dance and song of Zorba and the silence, stillness and meditation of Buddha. This is where East meets West.
Zorba the Buddha is a totally new human being who is awakened, and who is life-affirmative and free.
When someone once asked Osho the definition of religion, Osho replied: "To be in romance with life is religion."
Osho ha created many meditation techniques for our transformation.

Compassion, the highest form of love, is the natural expression of this transformation. We can meditate with Buddha, dance with Krishna and celebrate our love with Sufis, and yet be free to be just who we are.

For more about Osho on the web check (, (, (, (, ( ; Youtube: Osho Channel.

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"I am an invitation for all those who are seeking, searching, and have a deep longing in their hearts to find their home. I am an answer to the question that everybody is, but cannot formulate -a question that is more a quest than a question, more a thirst than a verbal, mental inquiry; a thirst that one feels in every cell and fiber of his being, but has no way to bring to words and ask."

Osho: The Invitation

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