From Zero to Hero with Kafka® Connect

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Join us for an Apache Kafka® meetup on Tuesday, June 18th from 6:00 pm hosted by our friends at Itera in Oslo. The address, agenda and speaker information can be found below.

6:00pm: Doors open

6:00-6:30 pm: Pizza, drinks and networking

6:30pm - 7:15pm: Robin Moffatt, Developer Advocate, Confluent

7:15-7:20 pm: Short break

7:20pm - 7:50 pm: Two use-cases from Itera, Knut Petter Meen, Lead Architect, Itera

7:50-8:05 pm:Use-case from Statnett/Sysco, Dejan Maric, Sysco

8:05pm-8:20pm - Q&A

8:20 pm- until: Networking, shuffleboard and drinks at Nydalen Bryggeri & Spiseri

Speaker 1:
Robin Moffatt, Developer Advocate, Confluent

Title of Talk:
From Zero to Hero with Kafka Connect

Integrating Apache Kafka with other systems in a reliable and scalable way is often a key part of a streaming platform. Fortunately, Apache Kafka includes the Connect API that enables streaming integration both in and out of Kafka. Like any technology, understanding its architecture and deployment patterns is key to successful use, as is knowing where to go looking when things aren't working.

This talk will discuss the design concepts within Kafka Connect and the pros and cons of standalone vs distributed deployment modes. We'll do a live demo of building pipelines with Kafka Connect for streaming data in from databases, and out to targets including Elasticsearch. With some gremlins along the way, we'll go hands-on in methodically diagnosing and resolving common issues encountered with Kafka Connect. The talk will finish off by discussing more advanced topics including Single Message Transforms, and deployment of Kafka Connect in containers.
Speaker 2:
Knut Petter Meen, Lead Architect, Itera

Title of Talks:
Reducing technical debt with Kafka & From on-premise to large scale hybrid solutions

Title: Reducing technical debt with Kafka

Cicero Consulting delivers market and trend reports, applications and services for financial analysis to the Norwegian bank and finance industry.

We assisted Cicero in transforming data collection, transformation and analytics capabilities by implementing Apache Kafka as a data ingestion platform pulling data from multiple external sources.

We will share our lessons learned while replacing the complexity of a fragmented batch and stored procedure/database driven solution, with a solution built around Kafka. We will discuss how we were able to address data quality issues using Kafka Streams.

Title: From on-premise to large scale hybrid solutions.

A typical first phase of adopting Kafka is to start with a small cluster. However, we frequently see that companies want to jump onto the streaming platform bandwagon without going through the first phases. Instead, they want to jump straight into full hybrid solutions where data flows freely between the cloud and their on-premises datacenter.
Speaker 3:
Dejan Maric

Title of Talk:
Use-case for Kafka at Statnett/Sysco

Statnett being the Transmission System Operator (TSO) in Norway, is responsible for the operations of the National Power Grid in Norway.
We build, operate and maintain the infrastructure for the transmission network distributing energy.

The trend toward more supply from renewable energy sources as well as new ways of energy consumption, present a challenge for balancing production and consumption. Statnett relies on modern technology for handling these challenges, such as harvesting large amounts of data from measurement sensors in the field (IoT), distributing the data in real time via a streaming platform (Kafka) to consumer applications and enabling algorithms such as machine learning to assist in the decision making process.
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