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This is a group for people interested in exploring the field Sacred Sexuality in a safe, loving and contained way. It is also for people willing to open and exploring a new field of learning love, spirituality and sexuality in connection to their bodies, their heart and soul... in a safe and integrated way. Through experiential learning, we will deepen our understanding of human sexuality and our relation to Man-Woman psychodynamics, Intimacy, Touch, Love, Sex, Tanta, Eros and Energy Life force.

We will explore the Relational and collective field that made us connect or disconnect from people, intimacy and love. We will also explore the meaning of Ritualism and why is important in the connection to others and the divine force... soul and heart !

We will include the teachings and embodiment of THE WHEEL OF CONSENT, supporting the redefinition of the boundary system necessary for safe practices and walkabout in life , fully grounded and in self trust... feeling our body and self power.

We will practice SE Somatic Experiencing -shook and trauma techniques and diverse teachings methods for supporting the nervous system, understanding the mechanism of relaxation: expansion and contraction in the body, and the effects on the physic and spiritual level. It will support the understanding of past traumas that has stop us for embracing our full embodiment as sexual beings. This group is also for people willing to break free from fear of connection, intimacy, or sexuality with themselves or with lovers... IT DOES NOT MATTER THE AGE or THE CAUSE (if you are introvert or extrovert, if shame or guilt is freezing the natural flow of love and connection. If you have been beaten before and your Heart is broken and its hard to trust again..... We can all start fresh and with new vision learned from our past experiences, to evolve in the new and best version of US!

For people recuperating from Maternity, PTSD, Burnout, Higly Sensitive People (HSP), Middle life crisis...willing to learn how energy works in the body and how to use it in our favour for natural and energetic life.. learning to reclaim our energy... not to waist it !

Beginners and Intermediate level welcome.

We will have diverse gathering in Oslo and Nesodden sites . This group is private and follows confidentiality, safety and healthy code of conduct and practices for protection of all participants involved in experiential learning. Welcome all genders, age and souls willing to take responsibility for their happiness and love. Please Note:
This group is for loving construction of oneself and others.
Mutual respect and adhering to the code of conduct at all times is required to be member of this group. this group is not for experiencing destruction, pain or harm in any form.

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