What we're about

"Oh, great. So you're a product manager, then. But, ah, what do you actually do?". Ever been asked that question and struggled to answer? Then join this group. We almost certainly won't give you a smarty-pants answer in one sentence. But we'll have fun meeting people across our profession (yes, it is one) and learning what they do across different types of organisation, different types of product and for different customers. And we might even learn how to do it better.... It's likely that much of the discussion will be around product management in the context of software or online services for human use. Agile, kanban, waterfall, lean management techniques, etc etc, will likely all come up. But we'd like ideas and input from all angles. So, if you manage a set of useful gadgets for brain surgeons or specialise in deep sea drill bits, then we'd like to hear how you manage through the life of your product too. Vi kan også gjør våre meet-ups på norsk, hvis deltakere ønsker dette. Men vi ønsker at alle føler seg velkommen.