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Welcome to our first Meetup for the Oslo Progressive Web App group.

This evening we invite speakers from local and international companies to share their case studies, updates and ❤️ on Progressive Web Applications.

Let's get together and share our knowledge about the technologies that are revolutionising the web.


Registration, food and drinks.


How Progressive Web Apps make the Web great again
by Alan Semenov (@AlanSemenov (, Lead UX Developer at Enonic

By now, you’ve probably heard that Progressive Web Apps are the future of all mankind. But what are they, exactly, and why should you even care?

In this session Alan will talk about what the concept of Progressive Web Applications is, how they make lives of web developers easier and why they are going to edge out native apps in the nearest future.

Offline Storage for Progressive Web Apps
by Majid Hajian ( (@mhadaily (, passionate software developer, OSS enthusiast

Storing data in client-side is a powerful tool which is the closest option to our user and it will boost performance and reduce a lot of network request. In this session, I will dive into all the possibilities in the browsers and look into different methods to leverage local dynamic content storing and how it can turn our application into a complete offline app with a persistent and reliable state.

Automatic Progressive Web Apps using the Angular Service Worker
by Maxim Salnikov (@webmaxru (, UI Engineer at ForgeRock, Google Developer Expert in Angular

The Angular Mobile Toolkit makes it easy to get started building PWA. It’s developed to automate main routines and provide us with some nice tools to control the progressive app behaviour. During this session, we'll have a look at Mobile Toolkit’s main components, and how they take our web app to the next level. With just some simple updates we’ll get installable, offline-capable, mobile-network-friendly Angular app re-engaging users by push-notifications.

Progressive web apps and the Windows ecosystem
[remotely] by Aaron Gustafson (@AaronGustafson (, Web Standards and Accessibility Advocate at Microsoft

At Microsoft, we’ve long been interested in the power of the web for software development and we are even more excited for the future possibilities offered by progressive web apps (PWAs). In this session, we discuss what PWAs are, how they can be integrated into the development process of modern websites, the advantages and disadvantages of PWAs vs. native development, and what opportunities they present when installed alongside native apps in Windows.

Wrap up

Please note that we have a low acceptance of "no shows", and if you can't attend let us know so others can join.

Looking forward to seeing you at Google's offices in Oslo 7th of June.