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Block 3: SOA, DDD, EDA & CQRS in the blender

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[30 min] Active knowledge modeling (AKM)
- Frank Lillehagen (Commitment AS (
[30 min] Introduction to SOA, DDD, EDA & CQRS
- Eamonn J. Casey (Bluegarden AS (
[30 min] Proof of Concept
- Tormod Varhaugvik (Skatteetaten (

Active Knowledge Management

Active knowledge modeling (AKM) is a business-centric approach to dynamically reconfigurable service oriented architectures (SOA). Services are made available to users in the situation they find themselves, as captured by enterprise models, in a business level language. The role of a knowledge architecture is to bring purpose and context to the services, and to dynamically compose and configure business solutions from basic services in a manner far more flexible than a conventional BPMS.

Introduction to SOA, DDD, EDA & CQRS

High level introduction to these concepts and how they can blend together to make a consistent Target Architecture.

Proof of Concept

Hvordan dra nytte av Grid teknologi med Java, med erfaring fra PoC. Skatteetaten bygger nå på denne måten.