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Browser testing is hard. Let's go shopping

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Karl Rune N.


Hello Perl Mongers,

Next meeting will have a technical talk given by Jan Henning Thorsen, followed by trip to a local bar for beers and chat.

Place: Reisegiganten, Rosenkrantz' gate 9. Ring the doorbell and we'll let you in.

Time: 3rd of May, 18:30

The name of the talk is "Browser testing is hard. Let's go shopping". It will give an introduction to how you can test any web application live in your browser using a Perl module called Test::Mojo::Role::Selenium.

The talk will give an introduction to:

• The module interface
• Testing any web page
• Testing a Mojolicious based application
• Tricks on event based programming

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Rosenkrantz gate 9 · Oslo
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