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This is a six session presentation for anyone interested in learning about other Gospels and why they did not make it into the Bible. We will also look at Gnostic Christians and other groups who were not mainstream.

Other Gospels, Strange Christians

Join us as we explore Gospels and other early writings that were not included in our Bible. The Gospel of Mary, Thomas, and Philip are just some of these that we will look at and explore. We will also learn about some strange Christians like the Ebionites and the Marcionites and how their beliefs shaped our own. How did the New Testament books get chosen, and what does it mean to say Scripture is Authority?

We begin each Thursday evening in Lent in the Parish Hall of St. Thomas with a light supper of salad, soup, and bread. There is no need to bring anything as it will be provided by St. Thomas. The meal begins at 6:00 p.m. and is followed by a presentation and questions. We conclude each evening with Compline—an evening worship service that lasts about 15 minutes. We will finish around 7:30 p.m. This is a program for all traditions; it is ecumenical and everyone is invited!

Date Topic

March 2 Introduction: Ebionites and James the Lord’s brother

March 9 Marcionites, the Apostle Paul and Two Gods

March 16 Gnostics and Nag Hammadi

March 23 Gnosticism and the Gospels of Thomas and Mary

March 30 Gnosticism and the Gospels of Peter and Secret Mark

April 6 Jesus’ Early Life According to James and Thomas and Conclusion

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An Ecumenical Good Friday Service will be held at St. Thomas Episcopal Church on April 14 from Noon – 1:00 PM followed by light lunch of clam chowder and hot cross buns.

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