Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

Ottawa Cloud Tech Meetup
Ottawa Cloud Tech Meetup
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Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

Full day dedicated to introducing Microsoft Azure to developers

Hands-on Lab

This day will be focused on practice. You must bring your laptop. Throughout the day, you will do nine (9) lab to make a cloud solution more secure and performant. All in "live coding" following the speakers.

Life after initial deployment

Life has been going very well at Contoso as they just released the first version of their latest product in production.

Yesterday, Contoso lack of visibility in production bite them back as issues started to appear, the support & development teams didn't have much information to help troubleshoot the errors. After a long retrospective meeting, they decided to improve their maturity in troubleshooting and management of their cloud infrastructure.

At the end of their meeting they agreed on the following:

- Use an Application Performance Management (APM) tool to improve the visibility of their application
- Centralize the logs of their application and activities in Azure
- Have an audit logs of VMs remote access in production
- Better control the network traffic reaching virtual machines
- Be better at troubleshooting hard to diagnose problems like high CPU or memory leaks
- Reduce the noise to ensure people are not flooded by emails when a problem occurs
- Ensure only the right people have access to the cloud infrastructure
- Allow people to create/maintain cloud resources which are aligned with the company new governance.

The team has been assigned a couple of days to find tools & put new processes in place to check all the action items of the list above. Excited, the team will actively start documenting themselves and working on this tomorrow.

What you will need before the bootcamp?

Before the bootcamp, we encourage you to make sure you have all the required software so you can concentrate on learning and not running installations. Make sure you get all the source code and install all the required software.

Azure subscription

If you don't own an Azure subscription already, you can create your free account today. It comes with 200$ credit, so you can experience almost everything without spending a dime.

Make sure to have your account up and ready before the bootcamp.

more detail soon....