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We are a group of singles in our 50's and 60's interested in enjoying a wide variety of social events with a group of our peers. Our purpose is to have fun, and to enrich our lives through sharing our experiences together. Although we enjoy spending time with our coupled friends and family members, it is also great to have the opportunity to socialize with like minded single men and women, especially within our own age group! So, if this sounds like something you would like to try, then please join us! We pride ourselves on being a friendly group, so you can be sure you will receive a warm welcome!

To be a member of this group you must….

· Post a recent, recognizable picture of your face

· Provide your first name and preferably last initial

o The above information lets our members know who they can expect to meet on their outings, and increases their comfort and safety

· Communicate with other members in a respectful manner at all times. Rude or harassing behavior is not acceptable and cannot be tolerated in this group.

· Agree not to contact people you have not met in person at a meetup.

o Members, we are not a dating site or singles club. At the same time, members, being independent adults, are of course, not prohibited from dating anyone, including other members of this group. HOWEVER, we continue to receive complaints from members who are contacted by people they have never met before and are uncomfortable being approached by a stranger making personal comments.

· Honour your RSVP to attend events. If you cannot attend an event you are expected to change your RSVP at least 24 hours before the event.

o The venues we book events into depend on our guests to show up as committed. No shows or last-minute cancellations have a negative impact on the business (especially restaurants where we have reserved spaces) and it also reflects badly on our group.

· Be aware that if a member has 3 "no shows" (have RSVP'D and not cancelled) in a one-year period, that member may be removed from our group.

· Note that we will occasionally ask for a $2.00 voluntary contribution from members who attend our events to cover our website costs.

· Also note that attending our events is free, but there may be a cover charge or an admission fee to a venue. This information will be included in the meetup description.

Our group is run entirely by volunteers. We encourage you to volunteer to host an event of your own. A current event organizer will co-host with you for the first two events and help you in any way we can. So, if you are passionate about something, why not build an event around it and share it with all of us! We want to hear your ideas and feedback regarding our events. This is how we discover what works and what doesn't. We are excited and eager to have your involvement and contribution, as this group belongs to all of us. Let's make it great, together!

Waiver : Members, by joining this group electronically, YOU (this includes your guests/relatives or any others who accompany you to group activities or events) CONSENT to the following : You attend our activities and events at your own risk. Group organizers/event hosts/volunteers, are NOT responsible for your health, safety, possessions, or anything else, and cannot be held liable or responsible in any way, shape or form.


Background: The structure of Meetup groups includes the Organizer who is the person responsible for all aspects of the smooth operation of the Meetup group and events. This person may be assisted by Co-organizers. Event Organizers are responsible for organizing and hosting events in accordance with the rules of this Meetup group and the Meetup organization worldwide. The names of the Organizer and Co-organizers are indicated under the name of the “Ottawa Active 50’s and 60’s Meetup” and can be contacted by Meetup message.

To become an Event Organizer a member is required to host two events with a currently approved Event Organizer before they can request to be made an Event Organizer. This request can be made to our Meetup Group Organizer or Co-organizers.

Event Organizers MUST:

· post a photo;

· declare if an event is being hosted simultaneously in other groups. This notice must be indicated in the first line of their event description and name the group /groups where the event is posted;

· indicate in the meetup advertisement where your guests can find you;

· clearly identify yourself at the event by wearing a name tag which includes the name of the Ottawa Active Singles 50s&60s meetup group or an easily seen sign on the table (or other effective means);

· reserve one or more tables or other seating that will accommodate the number of guests that have confirmed attendance;

· speak to the server at the venue where the Meetup event is being held to ensure that each individual member's outstanding bill is in fact paid by that individual before they leave so that others are not expected to be responsible for it;

· remain present at their event for the duration of the time posted on the event notice. If members wish to continue to socialize past the posted time, the event organizer is not obligated to stay;

· record a "no show' for any member who has RSVP'd “attend” to an event and does not show up;

· have the option to advertise an event the same night as another member’s event with the understanding that they are not similar events (e.g. two dances on the same night). It is an expected courtesy that the two event organizers will discuss this prior to posting the second event.

· limit the number of events they host to no more than one a week (weekly or monthly recurring events, e.g. weekly bike ride) would be excluded from the “one a week” count;

· All current organizers can mentor new event organizers (provide guidance on event description, post the event on the new organizer’s behalf, answer questions, etc.). When the current event organizer can verify that two successful events were hosted by the new organizer, then a recommendation can be made to the Meetup organizer and co-organizers to change the status of the new organizer to “event organizer” which enables that organizer to independently organize events;

· refer suggestions and observations about Meetup group structure, organization or operation, as well as complaints or criticisms received from Members, to the group’s Organizer or Co-organizers who are responsible for managing these matters (please share via phone, email or personal Meetup message);

· use the Discussion platform for event information only;

· attend regular meetings of Event Organizers which will provide an opportunity to share experiences and ideas.

Event Organizers MUST NOT:

· request personal information from members attending their events, including phone numbers, personal emails, or suggest use of non-meetup modes of communication;

· use their event listings to promote their personal businesses and provide links to said businesses;

· profit in any way from an event they have organized through receipt of either monetary or in-kind (e.g. meals) goods.

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