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What we’re about

The Ottawa Cyber Security Meetup is an educational forum for cyber security professionals and business leaders to come together on monthly basis to enhance knowledge, to exchange ideas, to network, and to explore opportunities.
Cyber security is of growing importance to our society due to the increasing reliance on computer systems and the Internet. The number of threat actors is increasing and they are targeting Governments, Military Agencies, Non-Profits, and Businesses across sectors including Retail, Legal, Energy, Healthcare, Technology, Entertainment, and Telecommunications. This threat is constantly evolving and advancing quicker than most business can keep up with.
The Ottawa Cyber Security Meetup is a not-for-profit community initiative and our primary goal is to provide an open environment to promote education and management practices that will ensure a more successful environment for business information security and for the professionals involved. We achieve this by our monthly meetups where we invite speakers from the industry and the business community to share their knowledge and experience with our membership. A further breakout group discussion environment will be available to allow participants in a smaller and targeted group to engage and discuss details of their common concerns and issues.