What we're about

Who We Are

Welcome to this talented, experienced and passionate group of individuals and companies working to relief government agencies and businesses from the pains of excessive, confusing and difficult data. We believe that as much as data is relevant for profit making businesses, it is even more needful for evidenced based policy making to solve present plus future social and economic problems.

In this group we connect and work on service data, immigration, aboriginal and gender data in Ottawa. We also discuss:

(i) the unique nature of government systems in big data modelling architecture

(ii) Market/business opportunities in this field

(iii) Matching skills with jobs in this field

(iv) Government big data policies, regulations and business opportunities in Canada

(v) Exporting big data skills from Canada to different parts of the world.

(v) Specific group members' interests.

Who Should Join

Whether you are a professional, enthusiast or eager beginners in any fields of data management this group was created for you.

All those interested in big data, data mining, data analysis, machine learning etc should join us. We encourage data scientist, data analysts, data visualization experts, programmers, software developers, statisticians, public sector interests, product and business developers and marketers to join.

Membership Benefits

(i) Latest information about big data policies and programs in Ottawa

(ii) Network of reputable data experts in governments and private businesses

(iii) Connect with employers, jobs and businesses in big data

(vi) Information about big data markets and businesses abroad

(v) You can get paid by joining us


We encourage member to contribute in forms of presentations, bids and project implementation - there is a place for you to exercise your talent in this group regardless of your level in data management. Come to one of our meetups and you might be engaged in one of our paid projects.

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