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Community of Practice is amazing! They are a great way to contribute into the next-generation evolution of software delivery & DevOps practices

Meetup Group Purpose
1. We discuss DevOps software methodologies, tools & trends to build digital products 
2. We will discuss how we can make software engineering simple, collaborative & valuable at every step with DevOps practices!
3. Community of practice is a platform for evolving the DevOps practices 
4. Next steps - we will create open source project to contribute in the DevOps practice evolution

Public Roadmap :
Public Roadmap for CoP for 2021

Meetup Events Focus :
1. Focus on practical use cases where the participants will be guided through real life project simulations, based on various management roles having the responsibility to build a DevOps culture in an organization. 
2. We will add fun and Gaming activities, to increase the engagement

Meetup Target Audience : 
It is primarily beneficial for Product Owner, Product Manager, Program Manager, Development Team Member, Operations Team Member, Scrum Master, Business Stakeholder, Business Relationship Managers

Meetup Contributors : 
We have designed templates to support the contributors, if you have a topic , open source project idea you are invited to discuss with us
Code of Conduct : 
All members are obligated to follow Code of Conduct

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