What we're about

Community of Practice is amazing! They are a great way to contribute into the next-generation evolution of software delivery & DevOps practices

Meetup Group Purpose :

1. We discuss DevOps software methodologies, tools & trends to build digital products

2. We will discuss how we can make software engineering simple, collaborative & valuable at every step with DevOps practices!

3. Community of practice is a platform for evolving the DevOps practices

4. Next steps - we will create open source project to contribute in the DevOps practice evolution

Public Roadmap :

Public Roadmap (https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:fbeb8ed2-ff1a-40cf-a405-ff23d4a584e1)for CoP for 2021

Meetup Events Focus :

1. Focus on practical use cases where the participants will be guided through real life project simulations, based on various management roles having the responsibility to build a DevOps culture in an organization.

2. We will add fun and Gaming activities, to increase the engagement

Meetup Target Audience :

It is primarily beneficial for Product Owner, Product Manager, Program Manager, Development Team Member, Operations Team Member, Scrum Master, Business Stakeholder, Business Relationship Managers

Meetup Contributors :

We have designed templates to support the contributors, if you have a topic , open source project idea you are invited to discuss with us info@capitalcarbonconsulting.com

Code of Conduct :

All members are obligated to follow Code of Conduct (https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:1cb574fd-0e7e-440e-baf9-2f835c3ab602)

Upcoming events (5)

CrowdChat - Business Agility with DevOps (DevOps Summit 2021 -Pre -Event)

Let's inspire each other to move towards experiential learning, through crowdsourcing

You need to login to the CrowdChat Platform - https://www.crowdchat.net/chat/c3BvdF9vYmpfMzE5Nw==

If you want to a host and want to be a contributor to the Crowdsourced White-paper, please contact us at [masked]

If your company wants to sponsor the event, we welcome your contributions, please let the organizer know about it

Fundamentals of Value Stream Mapping with Donna Kopp

Online event

Join our experts Donna Knapp & Garima Bajpai for a extremely interesting session on value stream mapping

What we will learn ?

- Basic value stream concepts
- Fundamentals of a value stream map
- The value stream mapping process
- Value stream mapping roles and activities

Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation(CDEF)℠

Online event


Learn about how to adopt and enforce Continuous Integration, register for our next training - March 13th- 14th (Full Description)👇

- Accrediated by DevOps Institute
- Certification Digital Badge
- Includes Cost of Exam & Exam Voucher
- Comprehensive Course and Sample Exam
- Training by Licensed Trainers (Experienced DevOps Coach)

AppsOps - Simplifying applications on Kubernetes with Devtron

Is it impossible to achieve the optimal balance between Cost, Stability & Security?

Join us for a super interesting events and an opportunity to meet the leadership team of opensource application geared towards the next-gen devops tools

Want to kickstart your open-source journey, join us here and take your first step

AppsOps - Simplifying application on Kubernetes

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