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Hello Traders! I want to bring like minded FOREX traders together for the purpose of sharing our experiences and helping each other improve our trading skills. The goal is simply to meet like minded people in our area and create a group where “traders help traders environment”.

This group is open to traders of all skill levels from beginner to advance.

I have been trading FOREX on and off for the past three years and am quickly improving my trading skills. I still have much to learn and feel that we could all speed up our learning process by sharing our experiences.

I am not a professional trader, a broker nor do I have anything to sell you.

Brokers, broker representatives and MLM promoters are not allowed to promote their business in this this group. You may join for your own personal interests.

We will maintain a structure to the meetings conducive to learning and improving our skills. Although I will lead the meetings any trader is welcome to participate in the meeting.

The first meetings will assist in developing the structure from what traders need. Here is what it may look like:

- Teaching component
- Helping an individual trader’s current challenge. (everybody learns from other traders challenges)
- Questions and answer session
- Networking

Possible topics of discussion:
- Technical analysis
- Strategies
- How to size your account to suit your money profile.
- Risk/reward
- Figuring out lot size
- Risk management
- Mindset
- Self-sabotage
- News events
- Focus of a trader
- EA,s.
- The need for accountability
- The influence of other traders on your trading
- Resources
- Other….

This group is a private group which means:
- Only the quantity of members will appear under the group description, your photo and name will not.
- Your name, photo and profile will not appear under each event details.

Fees: There will be no fees charged for joining this group if it as long as it can operate on a no cost basis. Fees will be charged if ever the needs develop, for example: the need to rent a room for the meetings or for special events as they occur, if they occur. If we have a small group we can always meet at venues that welcome group freely and have space that allows our purpose.

Who can join? This group is open to traders of all skill levels from beginner to advance.

Restrictions: Brokers, broker representatives and MLM promoters are not welcomed in this group to promote their businesses. If you are one of the above and are a forex trader you agree to join for your personal trading purpose only and will not engage in the promotion of your business.

I look forward to meeting you and until we meet, happy trading!

To your success,

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