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Welcome to 'Ottawa International Connection' (OIC). Our motto is "Global thinkers in a global city." OIC facilitates safe connections with new coming internationals and established Canadians.

The international community of Ottawa is full of brilliant and creative thinkers, academics and humanitarians. These folks are sometimes the closest thing one will ever meet to modern day heroes. Ironically, it is not uncommon that their initial plight is one of tremendous challenge, loneliness and even despair. And yet, with some caring direction, their angst can turn them into some of the greatest Canadians of tomorrow. OIC aspires to give a voice and a genuine respite to these folks, no strings attached.

We are also an objective forum on serious international issues. This forum is extremely rewarding, fun and educational to all who are willing to listen to 'the other' . OIC feels it is extremely relevant in these times of global uneasiness. We unashamedly challenge cultural, religious, and secular ignorance and bias on all sides. We are not about holding hands and singing,"We are the world". It is about educating on the most serious issues of our day, with genuine conviction and reason from some of the most diverse and interesting people in Canada.

We welcome all international students and scholars, professors, diplomats, global nomads, theologians and spiritual leaders. We aspire to be a diverse mix of fairly objective thinkers who can diplomatically share their deepest convictions. More than anything, OIC is looking for globally minded and well traveled Canadians and humanitarians who have some insight and are willing to reach out to newcomers to our homeland.

'International Network Connection's' History: This forum has been very successful in Washington D.C. and drew the attention of numerous media outlets across the world. It gained a reputation as one of the best places for newcomers to adjust to the independent capitalistic North American culture. A major Arab documentary was shown across the Middle East praising the forum and "it's genuine ability to connect with the most marginalized and misunderstood groups and religions, while fighting ignorance and self righteous arrogance, on all sides". It evolved into an objective and fun means of learning about the world, without traveling.

Our dinner parties are called "The East West Connection" and while we encourage you to post events, we also host our own. They are designed to focus hospitably on the newcomers, but they are educational and fun, challenging all of our innate cultural paradigms, while celebrating and exemplifying our Canadian culture.

Our "East West Connection Forums" drew some of the best authors in the world and numerous events were featured on 'CSPAN'and 'Book TV' . Attracting speakers and thinkers from all over the world including Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, noted scholars and award winning journalists.

By simply signing onto the meetup, you will open the door to so many cultural events in the city, and best of all it is all free. Once you sign up you will receive emails about our monthly dinner parties, as well as access to our calendar of cultural and embassy events in the city. Ottawa International Connection is here to give a very real platform to the very interesting, creative and talented international community in Canada's capital city. We strive to be hospitable, relevant and culturally diverse to all who join us, while reflecting the democratic values of our homeland.

We are in the initial building stage in Ottawa and we simply can not make this happen without Canadians who care. Please consider volunteering and do take time to get on the meetup now if any of this resonates with you. We can make this one of the most diverse and intriguing international socials in the city.

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Human Rights, Refugee and what can we help?
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Canada is receiving many refugee from various countries which has a human rights program, or hit by war, torn by dispute between different beliefs. While, most people who come here thrive, there are still many stuck in refugee camps who we hopefully can help. some are near the middle east, but even in a country like Thailand, there are also many families and children risk detention and deportation, women and children are in very vulnerable situations. There are many groups and people who are concerned about the situation. We can get together to talk about it.

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