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Welcome to 'Ottawa International Connection' (OIC). Our motto is "Global thinkers in a global city." OIC facilitates safe connections with new coming internationals and established Canadians.

OIC strives to bring together truly open-minded individuals who seek to better understand the other. Our discussion requires people to be objective, and yet respectfully share their perspectives. We host a great variety of events including science and faith. (OIC) attracts academics, humanitarians, diplomats, teachers, students, and statesmen as well as ordinary Canadians, curious about the world and eager to learn.

Typically, from different walks of life, often with varying views, these global thinkers view OIC as a tool to search for common ground and a way to challenge our innate ethnocentric tendencies. In a word, we seek to challenge ignorant ’us and them’ marginalizations and scapegoating of ‘the other.’
We unashamedly challenge cultural, religious, and elitist secular bias. on all sides.

This is done through robust discussions at our bi-monthly meetings. Our efforts at bridging gaps of understanding have its roots in Washington, where DC International Connection’s (DCIC) non- confrontational exploration of the world caught the eye of numerous media outlets and U.S. opinion leaders. Our forums, both in DC and Ottawa have featured some of the world’s most noted authors and scholars, as well as Pulitzer Prize, winning journalists."

That tradition continues today in Ottawa. There is a serious underlying theme to all we do-- OIC dinner parties focus on welcoming newcomers and seeing the world through their eyes. They are often forced to leave their homelands, while also embracing Canada with grateful hearts. The quiet reality is that they can live with years of economic challenge, loneliness, and even despair. And yet, this very simple forum builds bridges of life and hope through heartfelt concern. In time, their angst can turn them into some of the greatest Canadians of tomorrow. Simply put... we aspire to give a voice and a genuine respite to these folks, no strings attached.
OIC’s full slate of activities could not happen without your help, so we ask you to join to be actively involved. Please consider volunteering. Most importantly, OIC events are educational and fun, challenging cultural paradigms while celebrating Canadian culture.

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