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The Ottawa Men's Issues Meetup is a discussion and event-oriented group hosted by the Canadian Association for Equality, which provides public programs, campus outreach, multimedia, research and public policy engagement related to Men's Issues Awareness. You can learn more at www.equalitycanada.com. Contact info is available at http://equalitycanada.com/contact/

Canadian Association for Equality Mandate

The Canadian Association for Equality is committed to achieving equality for all Canadians, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, family status, race, ethnicity, creed, age or disability. In particular, we are interested in gender equality, that is on achieving equality for all men, women, girls and boys.

While we support all efforts at achieving gender equality, we will work for balance and fairness within this societal project by focusing our limited resources on those areas of gender which are understudied in contemporary culture. This has led us to a current focus on the status, health and well-being of boys and men, where attention, investment and support for educational and social programs stands at a level that is far from equal to the seriousness of the problem, while also being significantly underdeveloped compared to the resources in other important areas of social improvement.

We provide current evidence-based research and balanced information. We also provide opportunities to engage in furthering this cause by participating in discussions, events and family-friendly activities. We sincerely believe the goal of true equality and human rights is best served by conducting inclusive conversations based on facts and evidence, not by promoting ideology or special interest agendas.

The following are an open list of areas of focus, in no particular order of importance:

* The “Boys Crises” (Education, Bullying, Suicide)
* Workplace Issues (eg. Workplace safety)
* Men’s Health
* Family law and Fathers rights
* Men and Violence (domestic violence, warfare)
* Crime and Punishment/Legal Biases against Men
* Media, Social and Cultural Misandry (hatred and conempt for men)
* Academic Misandry (eg. in Gender Studies and Culture Studies programs)

Upcoming events (2)

Register Now! Dr. Emily Douglas: When Men Call Domestic Violence Helplines

The Canadian Association for Equality has launched an online lecture series aimed at exploring gender and men's issues. Emily Douglas: What Happens When Men Call Domestic Violence Helplines This is a Zoom webinar. Registration is required at the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_0mhmVPf4Q9izP3qrGoKRow Emily M. Douglas is Professor and head of the Department of Social Science and Policy Studies at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her research focuses on the prevalence and severity of domestic violence against men as well as the help-seeking experiences of male victims of domestic violence. She is a public policy scientist conducting research on child and family well-being, the child welfare system, fatal child maltreatment, domestic violence and divorced families, and corporal punishment. After graduate school, she did a post-doc with renowned family violence researcher Murray A. Straus at the Family Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire. This series will present a great opportunity for us to interact with international leading thinkers and researchers.

Failing Boys or Failing Schools? Dr. James Brown, Principal, Children's Author

From 2016 to 2018, Dr. Brown's Odyssey for Equality toured Canada, with public events and workshops for teachers and parents, all aimed at improving the prospects of young men. Now the Odyssey for Equality goes virtual! Join us for an enlightening and inspiring presentation. This is a free Zoom webinar. Registration is required at the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_XTDAgoxeQXSgGPI1ZDekEA From educational achievement to career expectations, young males face a bleak future. All trend lines point to the failings of today’s boys. Whatever the causes, the impending floundering of boys and young men will prove disastrous to society. That’s the bad news. The good news is that as we come to appreciate why this crises has hit, we can offer solutions for improvement. The benefits and rewards will come to all of us. Dr. James S. Brown is retired teacher, principal and superintendent of schools, Author of Rescuing Our Underachieving Sons, and President of the Canadian Association for Equality. He is leading a Canadian Association for Equality project to bring awards for the most improved boy and girl to high schools across Canada. This event is part of the Canadian Association for Equality's online lecture series aimed at exploring gender and men's issues. This series will present a great opportunity for us to interact with international leading thinkers and researchers.

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