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In Short: Watch NBA Games + play pickup basketball

I've been a NBA fan for 19 years now, ever since 2001 when I first started following the league. I follow other sports besides basketball as well, but a lot of my time does go into following my favorite franchises, 76ers in NBA and Man Utd in EPL (soccer). I played both sports, soccer and basketball at high school. There is a wonderful active group for watching soccer matches already, but none for basketball sadly!

And thus, since I'm in Ottawa currently, I thought it would be a great idea to create a platform where we could connect with like-minded passionate NBA fans. We can watch NBA games together over drinks, and also schedule times to play pickup basketball if anyone is interested. We can also share our ideas about where basketball is going, or brainstorm new ideas on the spot. Let's see where this goes. I may put out similar promotional copies on free sites, and link it to this premium site.

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