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Ottawa Real Estate Wholesale, Off Market Cash Buyers club Network REI Club

This is a Ottawa Real Estate Wholesale, Off Market Cash Buyers club Network REI Club for anyone interested in Canadian Real estate investing.

All real estate professionals are welcome to join Ottawa Real Estate Wholesale, Off Market Cash Buyers club Network REI Club and share knowledge and resources.

Looking forward to exploring and expanding networking with everybody. Looking forward to see you all in person at next meetup group network.

​To your infinite success !

Navtaj Chandhoke

Cash Buyer | Hard Money | Master Coach/trainer | Angel Investor |

www.Flipping4Profit.ca (http://www.flipping4profit.ca/) | www.preigCanada.com (http://www.preigcanada.com/)1-416-409-7300

Empowering Canadian Real Estate Investors 1993

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Instant Profits flipping & Wholesaling homes in your spare time ONLINE workshop

Online LIVE "How to" Get Started Wholesaling & Flipping Houses In Canada How to Get Started Wholesaling & Flipping Houses In Canada NOW is the PERFECT time for 9 to 5ers to roll up their sleeves and get their Canadian real estate wholesaling and flipping on the fast track to putting deals under contract ... Tickets at www.Flipping4Profit.ca/ So they can be a toll-gate between Canadian real estate investors (cash buyers) and property sellers with ugly houses (& high equity) … And put much-needed cash into Home sellers’ hands so they can keep the lights on. We want to give these Canadian home sellers a fair cash offer, not take advantage of the situation they’re in and be graceful in how we deal with them. We want YOU to be a Canadian problem solvers real estate angel investor. Heads up … How to Get Started Wholesaling & Flipping Houses In Canada Online LIVE real estate seminar Canadian real estate experts will reveal TOP TEN techniques to find deeply discounted properties which are not on Would you like to join us? ==> Yes, Please! Help me breakout from the rat race and fast track replacing my job Tickets at www.Flipping4Profit.ca SPECIAL BONUS #1 Canadian CASH BUYER pool (ACCESS) P.S You are just one deal away from living the life you imagined! If you want in — now’s the time https://youtu.be/GWJlCOsw16I Don’t wait another moment. Because if you do...It might be too late If you want in — now’s the time Tickets at www.Flipping4Profit.ca/ Coaching & Training Canadian Real Estate Investors since 1993

Mastermind,support and networking ONLINE real estate investors meeting

Canada's #1 Mastermind Real Estate REI Club Join Canada's top Canadian real estate investors club now at www.preigCanada.com Fellow Canadian real estate experts who will share their three decades of successful real life experiences investing in practical education, tactics, strategies & solutions. Learn how to invest for MASSIVE & PASSIVE income for life. Canadian Real Estate Investors Mastermind Online Networking Meeting Date : Oct 10th, 2020 Saturday Time : 2:00 pm-5:00 pm (EST) RSVP : with your name, email and cell to [masked] Join Zoom Meeting Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device: Please click the link below to join the LIVE Canadian Real Estate Investors Mastermind networking meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3610005623?pwd=NVRJamk1MDJYVmNMb0M1QVRkV3lPZz09 Meeting ID:[masked] Passcode: flipprofit Now it's time you give yourself permission to change course and pursue MORE success, more impact and more abundance in your life.So to help you get off the fence and become a member now Humor Q: How many people work at your office? A: About half of them.Rest of them are lazy 🔥 HOTTEST TOPICS 🔥 Canada’s home prices to rise 12% by the end of 2022, economists predict Vacant lot the city of Toronto could auction off starting at $620K valued at 3.5 million The five hottest real estate markets in Canada — and Toronto and Vancouver aren't on the list Buying Houses In Calgary & Edmonton Is Going To Get So Cheap Because Alberta's So Broke Vacant home tax in Toronto Forgivable grant for My Home Second Unit Renovation Program 🔥Canada's 7 TOP real estate experts 🔥 Mortgage Minutes (SPECIAL GUEST David Grossman ) Toronto housing market roars back to life with prices shooting up (SPECIAL GUEST David Mamo) Flipping4Profit.ca latest Strategy Navtaj Chandhoke Property insurance during RENOVATION by Alex Bell Learning from mistakes Lester Singh Construction Financing by Justin Kowal Triggering your success button Rory Sheehan, B.A., B.Ed., M.B.A. 🔥 HOTTEST DEALS, JV, ASSIGNMENTS, WHOLESALE DEALS etc. 🔥 Share your Wholesale deals, wants and needs with our 18,000+ Canadian real estate investors by sending all details at [masked] You must be a member to share.Get your membership now RSVP [masked] To your infinite $uccess ! Navtaj Chandhoke Cash Buyer | Master Coach/trainer | Real Estate angel Investor | www.Flipping4Profit.ca | www.preigCanada.com [masked] call/text Empowering Canadian Real Estate Investors 1993 Increase Your Visibility & Network with fellow #Canadian #RealEstate #Professionals to #Wholesale #JointVentures #HardMoney to expand your business. Get your annual membership at www.preigCanada.com PS:Pass this email to fellow Canadian real estate investors.

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