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Understanding the Spiritual Nature of Dreams: Discussion
"Your dreams are like a telescope that can give a better view of something that is normally out of reach: your spiritual side. That includes how you act, feel, reflect, think, react, and even love." — Harold Klemp, Spiritual Wisdom on Dreams (, pg. 4 Can our dreams allow us to face ourselves and become the best version of ourselves? Can we really see the future, or perhaps have a spiritual healing in a dream? In his book, Spiritual Wisdom on Dreams, Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar, writes "Why do we dream? Why is it important to dream? Because dreaming comes from creative imagination, which is God's gift to you and me. It is the nature of immortal Soul to dream. This is why your dreams, both in everyday life and while asleep, are so important" (pg. 1). What are some of the ways that dreams have brought you spiritual insights, lessons, and gifts? Come to share your thoughts and experiences on the spiritual nature of dreams. You'll also have an opportunity to try a simple spiritual exercise or two that may help you develop your creative imagination and gain a better understanding of your own dream worlds. Discussions are always free. Hope to see you there! Graphic by Claude Gruffy Sponsored by Eckankar: The Path of Spiritual Freedom.

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What we're about

Are You a Spiritual Adventurer?

Are you intrigued by questions such as: How do past lives affect my life today? What is my re-occurring dream trying to tell me? What is my spiritual destiny?

If yes, you can meet other like minded individuals who are interested in discussing their spiritual experiences in a respectful and non-judgmental setting.

These experiences can include meeting loved ones on the other side, learning from spiritual guides, following an intuition, hearing spiritual sounds or seeing spiritual lights.

Our goal is to support each other by validating these experiences and exploring the meaning behind them to gain new insights thereby enriching our spiritual lives. There is no cost to attend as we explore topics such as:

Have you had a spiritual experience?
Understanding the spiritual meaning of your dreams.
Creating your world with the spiritual laws of life.
Angels, masters and spiritual guides.
And many more ...

This group is organized and sponsored by members of Eckankar as a free community service. Eckankar is an ancient spiritual teaching that helps people to make spiritual experiences an everyday reality in their lives.

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