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What we’re about

Our Cosmos is a science advocacy group whose purpose is to promote community engagement and interest in all aspects of the Cosmos and to foster intellectual curiosity.  Activities include exploring the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM), environmental science and medicine. Although originally oriented more toward the hard sciences, we now have expanded our focus to include science-related social issues such as public health, conservation, and the environment. Our Cosmos strives to bring attention to information, people, and organizations that will advance knowledge, benefit society and improve the way we live.  It was inspired by the world renowned late astronomer and science popularizer, Dr. Carl Sagan.

The primary focus is through an edutainment (education and entertainment) platform; e.g. stage venues, lectures, hands-on exhibits, and tours of geological/archaeological/astronomical/other sites.

Most in-person activities are centered in the Orange County/Los Angeles greater metropolitan areas.  This Meetup was designed to create a real, face-to-face community.  Friends and family are always invited except for certain events due to space limitation.  Our Platform involves meeting real people and doing real things in the real world.

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020 we have been presenting a wide array of webinars, talks, and other online events from all over the world. There is a rich and diverse range of offerings online and we will continue to present these to you.

Having said that, the focus of the group remains in-person events.

We encourage our members to contact us with ideas for events!

One Last Thing!
The goal is for each event to be interesting and memorable for everyone.  Some events require reserving places for those who have RSVP'd or meeting at a specific place so that we all go as a group.  If you are signed up and do not show up, you are a No-Show.  If this is a habit, you may be blocked from signing up for some events or even removed from the group.  Generally we only allow two or three No-Shows before doing this.  We ask that you please be responsible and communicative so the rest of the group does not end up waiting for you when you aren't coming.  No-Shows include last-minute cancellations for events with waiting lists.


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