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First off, I took over the group when the other guy stepped down.

I am a film buff, programmer, electronics enthusiast and an actor. Since I stepped in I noticed that the group has a serious problem. There is very little activity, and the members are all very bored. Listen, the world already considers us as boring people, we need to show the world that we are the best of them.

So, here are a few ground rules;

• This is a gender-neutral group, and women who are interested in technology, programming, electronics will be warmly welcomed. Participation by women will be strongly encouraged.

• The group shall meet more frequently, and have fun. All of us work very hard in our professions, but this group is for fun so we can share our binary jokes, run in while loops until the beer goes out and use our soldering rods to make delicious snacks.

• No one here is an instructor, we are all friends and collaborators and we shall work together on projects that we can show off.

• Periodically we shall get together and celebrate each other's birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. Since the world has chosen to label us as antisocial, we shall form our own society, with our own rules.

• Each year we will put up one major show / installation or exhibition of our projects, designs and ideas that the entire group will participate in. This will be our chance to be famous.

More rules to be added with your suggestions as we go along and progress together.

Bring out the best in yourself and share it with the world is our motto and it will remain so until we are a few beers down.

I hope you like the change in leadership and have your faith restored in the destiny that awaits us. For those of you who feel that it is not right, the door is always open.

Lets get hacking.

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Plan for the year ahead - Larger objectives, ideas and strategies

Initiating a new chapter with the ambition to make it big year after year. The first meetup would be helpful in getting to know each other and talking about our strengths and special interests.

We shall try to figure out if we can work as a team, big or small. We shall also try to understand what each one of us can bring to the group.

The most important agenda would be to talk about a major exhibition, installation fair etc for the early 2018, so come with your ideas.

This and all other meetups shall be casual, please come as you like, and please bring your own beer, snacks etc.

The venue, date and time will be confirmed once the members have answered the polls created for the same purpose.

See you soon.

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[IOT] Controlling Home Appliance using smart Phone over Internet

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