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This group is for people passionate about sustainability, curious to know more or want to do their bit to help the planet.

We will have inspiring speakers join us for our evening meetings in The Harpenden Arms. There will be opportunities for questions, discussions and networking.

These meet ups follow on from the Our Planet Our Future event which took place on 21st April 2018 and was the launch event of Sustainable St Albans Week 2018.

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Film screening of "The Sequel" followed by discussion

Bennet's Club


This will be one of its first screenings of THE SEQUEL in the UK. This new film recognises the fundamental unsustainability of today's society and dares to ask the big question: What will follow? What would it look like to create economies that can thrive without endlessly growing? This film shows a future built on community, carnival, and conviviality.. "The Sequel". It looks at the influential work of David Fleming, who dared to re-imagine a thriving civilization after the collapse of our current mainstream economies and inspired the Transition Towns movement. Join us for an inspiring film screening followed by discussion and questions and pledging how you can take action. The cost for this event is £4 (£3 for concessions), payable at the door. About the venue ----------------------- * The venue is Bennet’s Club, 21 Leyton Rd, Harpenden AL5 2HU, which is a 5 minute walk from Harpenden railway station * The venue is wheelchair accessible * There is some parking at the venue and also at the nearby carpark in Amenbury Lane. * There is a bar to purchase drinks. https://www.bennets.club More about The Sequel and David Fleming ----------------------------------------------------------- Watch the trailer http://bit.ly/31FYkQc http://thesequel.bullfrogcommunities.com/ https://www.flemingpolicycentre.org.uk/the-sequel "An excellent documentary tribute with wings that takes us to local food movements, repair cafés, and community celebrations to liven up The Sequel to the biophysical impossibility of endless growth. This film will awaken the intellect to harmonize with earth's systems...We find a treasure trove of ecological and humanitarian analysis and practices that call upon our higher selves to work for the good of all life." Jim Merkel, Author, Radical Simplicity: Small Footprints on a Finite Earth, Director, Global Living Project, Film Director, Saving Walden's World "I highly recommend The Sequel...Through two decades of work on climate issues, I've come to appreciate that our challenges are less political and technological than we imagine them to be. Rather, our core challenges are relational and social - of how we can come to understand ourselves as connected to community across scales from local to global. An inspirational and particularly useful touchstone for those thinking about and seeking to secure a just, sustainable and resilient future for all." Steve Adams, Director of Urban Resilience, Institute for Sustainable Communities More about Sustainable St Albans ---------------------------------------------- https://sustainablestalbans.org/

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