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The System is Failing. Without Criminal Justice, There is Justice for No 0ne.
San Diego County is just the tip of the Iceberg o If a society is judged by how it treats it's criminals, the United states is quickly headed towards the bottom. o What ever happened to "innocent until proven guilty. o How can our Criminal justice system justify cruelty towards expectant mothers o How can our Criminal justice system justify separating immigrants and refugees from their children. o Why can our criminal justice system racially profile and treat people who may not be white more harshly. o How does "Prisons for Profit" exasperate the situation and why do we allow prisons for profit? We will have a forum led by retired sheriff Commander, David Myers. Additionally, we've invited an incredible group of speakers all the way up to members of the California Congressional contingency. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR THEIR NAMES AS THEY CONFIRM. Join us at our August 7th Forum and be part of the conversation!

Sizzler Steakhouse

3755 Murphy Canyon Road. Suite S · San Diego, CA