What we're about

Our Sisters has a purpose and a plan. It is dated and has not proved effective. We are looking for ways to build relationships with existing organizations in our community.

Please join us.

Our Sisters will build and maintain a sustained, ethical, residential healing community for prostituted, addicted, and trafficked adult women in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

With your help, Our Sisters will offer a chance of transformation and empowerment to a woman with the courage to leave "the life." We will provide meaningful options and an opportunity for renewal. We believe in the eternal and insistent work of the Spirit within each of us, even (and especially) in those who are rejected, shamed, and despised.

Please take the time to review our website, www.oursisters.org.

We trust that our work will be blessed, but we recognize that our work will never end and we cannot do it alone. We trust that our work may be fruitful if we can find and engage with suitable fellow (sister?) organizations with compatible goals.

Remember: It's not just about sex and violence and greed. Nor is it about law enforcement, or even protecting neighborhoods from unsavory activities.

It's about justice and grace and mercy and redemption.

Are you called? If yes, please join us. We meet regularly in general meetings. You will be welcome. Check the Meet Up calendar.

The work begins now. TRUST LOVE.

OUR SISTERS is a Michigan non-profit and tax-exempt corporation founded in 2013.

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