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Do you fall somewhere along the rainbow spectrum? Are you a 35 year or older woman of color or supporter of women of color? Are you looking for new friends to do fun things? If you answered ‘yes’ to these three questions, then THIS is the group for you! As we get older, sometimes it can be difficult to find women “like us” to meet with, mingle and just have great, memorable times! It can be difficult to find activities that are not geared towards the younger crowd, or going to the bars and clubs. We would like to change that by establishing a group that is geared towards establishing meaningful connections that will hopefully last and lead to great friendships!

You qualify for this group if you are:
• In the LGBTQIA family
• 35 years or older, or your partner is 35 years or older and you’re both joining
• Woman of color (African, African-American, multiracial, biracial, Latina, Asian, Indian, Native-American, Middle-eastern, etc.) or any supporters of WOC
• Female
• Looking to have fun and get involved

As we start this group, we want to make sure that it is an ACTIVE group. We want to actually get together and do things! We will be soliciting ideas for future events. Our goal is to try to have monthly activities. Come to this first activity (see below) so that you can get a head-start in getting to know other folks! For future activities, we’re thinking; pool parties, game nights, barbecues, picnics, local day trips, cultural and artsy events, gatherings to discuss relevant issues, hikes, scavenger hunts, book clubs, educational activities, couples gatherings, singles gatherings, etc.. Sounds like fun?

Our first MeetUp activity is on Saturday, August, 18th from 2:30pm-5pm in MEETING ROOM #1 at the Rockville Memorial Library (21 Maryland Ave., Rockville, MD, 20852). Meeting Room 1 can be accessed directly from the library entrance in Rockville Town Square. The library is about three blocks from the Rockville Metro on the red line, and also has a parking garage across the street. This will be a fun afternoon of activities that encourage getting to know others in the room. You may be a bit shy and reserved…come anyway! This is the way to meet folks in a low-pressure, laid-back environment! See you on Saturday, August 18th! 

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