What we're about

Join Us if you are a Social Media Junkie, Social Media Professional and enthusiast.

Social Media, the new virtual void deck, where we reconnect with old friends, make new friends, share the joys and laughter in our lives. An empty space brought to life with the little of ourselves that we bring to it, where we get ourselves lost in or a journey we embarked on in Making Friends, Building Communities!

Our Void Deck is a ground up initiative to empower individuals and civil societies to harness the power of social media to strengthen their social capital.

Our Void Deck believes in building Networks not Hierarchies, we aim not to Control but to Share and Empower.

Our Void Deck also believes in making virtual friend and community “real”. Thru our Occupy Our Void Deck (OOVD) meetup as the brick and mortar platform where individuals and civil societies share their experiences in harnessing Social Media in their journey of Making Friends, Building Communities!

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Our Void Deck - Pioneer Group Meetup

Costa Coffee, #01-37 Chervon House, Raffles Place

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