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What we’re about

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We are about 300 gay men in Greater Vancouver and their friends, who enjoy the great outdoors. Our activities include hiking, walking, cycling, kayaking, camping and more — whatever is of interest to our members. Using is new (circa 2015) but as an organization we've been around over 30 years.
Most events are local, but sometimes we travel around a bit. Within the last few years the club has had events in Death Valley, Big Sur, Yosemite, Utah national parks, Spain, Japan, India, Turkey and elsewhere. In December '17 or February '18 we're talking about returning to India. We get together for social gatherings throughout the year — anything from a barbecue, to a night at the opera. All of events are organized by members. Most events are open to participation by prospective members. When you become a member, you're permitted (encouraged) to organize and post events here.
TWO steps to OA membership:
• JOINing the group, then,
• Take time to attend some events. If we're a match for you, submit your application ( and one-time fee.
• Once we've received your application and fee, you get full, permanent access to our events calendar and member directory, and the opportunity to organize and lead club events.
• If we don't get your application within 3 months, we remove you from the Meetup group. This keeps the membership current. 
Ready? Just click join (here at, THEN fill out the Membership Application  send it with the fee to the membership secretary.
If this is what you're looking for, jump in and give us a try!
Are we exclusively for G/B men? No. We welcome anybody with genuine interest, acceptance for the community, and... ten bucks. But you should be aware that probably 98% of participants are gay or bi men. If you're interested in the group and comfortable around a group of predominantly gay guys... you're welcome, no matter how you identify.