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Our group is about the booming Detroit Michigan market and how to succeed in this lucrative market while maximizing time, profit and relationships from California and other states. This group is meant for collaborating, and learning about all facets of investing in the Detroit market. Both good and bad. We cover everything from Detroit deal analysis to monthly property tours that we offer to how to harness trusted or value based relationships from a far. This group will focus on maximizing high positive realistic cash flow via exceptional deal’s, solid trusted relationships, quality hands on Property Management, Contractors, the current thriving market, the upward Detroit economy and much more. So, if you are looking to invest in Detroit from Los Angeles or Out-Of-State and want to avoid some of the common pitfalls and shenanigans that can come from investing long distance in Detroit so you can take full advantage of its lo price entry points, super high cash caps, juicy ROI’s, fantastically lucrative appreciation and much more this group is for you. Currently Detroit is providing investors with the number one rent to value ratios in the country. It is also the number one city in America where real estate investors get the biggest bang for there investor dollar. In this group you will learn how to purchase off-market properties in Detroit and it’s prosperous suburbs. Turnkey’s, Fix and Hold’s, Fix and Flips, Residential SFR’s, MFR’s, Apartment Buildings and Commercial property. We will discuss how to evaluate properties. ROI’s, Cap Rates, Appreciation. The neighborhoods. Financing options, or lack there of. How Cash is King, how imperative quality property management is in relation to a successful investment. Cash tenants vs Section 8 tenants. Land contracts, rent to own options. Wholesaling. Insurance, taxes, labor costs, etc etc, etc.

So wether you are a sophisticated investor looking to purchase multiple single family residential rental properties, a veteran investor looking to buy an entire portfolio or apartment building, a junior investor looking to lock up a few duplexes, or rehab a couple properties or a beginner investor wanting to get involved in smaller investment opportunities, there will be information, details and value for everyone who is looking to maximize there investor dollars in Detroit and find an escape hatch from the saturated overpriced markets like Southern California where there is no longer any positive cash flow to be found and costs are through the roof.

Venue locations will be at WeWork on Hollywood Blvd.

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