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OutBreath is a community in Boston for all LGBTQ people interested in meditation, mindfulness, and Buddhism. We started our journey as an organization in 2009.

OutBreath's mission is to build community and create welcoming events where every person can find inner freedom and outer realization through meditation. We work with meditation centers across all Buddhist lineages to create LGBTQ-affirming meditation classes, workshops, community events, and residential retreats.

We welcome LGBTQ people of all ages, identities, and backgrounds. Come as you are. Whether you are brand new to meditation, a long-term practitioner or anywhere in between, you are warmly invited!

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Check out OutBreath on the Web! To see upcoming OutBreath events and, check out our website: http://www.outbreath.org . There will be many more developments to come. Our vision for outbreath.org is to offer many free services for you, including:

• Curated content on LGBTQ issues

• LGBTQ-specific Dharma talks

• Videos

• Podcasts

• Blogs

• ...and more!

Medtation Classes for Beginners: If you're brand-new to meditation, OutBreath is the perfect place to get started! We work with LGBTQ-affirming meditation centers to offer a variety of introductory workshops taught by renowned, local meditation teachers. Beginner programs are offered in multiple Buddhist lineages. You'll be joining other LGBTQ friends who are brand new in an LGBTQ-affirming community. We'll announce beginner's workshops and seminars here on Meetup.

We look forward to seeing you at an OutBreath event soon!

May all beings have comfort of heart

May all beings be free from suffering

May all beings live in love and in understanding

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LGBTQI Retreat: Taking Refuge

Online event

As LGBTQI people, we come together in practice, taking refuge and turning towards that which truly matters in our lives, for the highest good of all. Taking refuge is an inner journey. When we “take refuge” we open to a place of sanctuary, a place that is safe, a place we can rely on. In this tradition, we may find safety and inspiration by taking refuge in the Triple Gem: the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. In these challenging times, finding refuge is vital for LGBTQI folks and for our world! During this silent retreat, we will explore and practice the blessing of each of these Refuges. Taking Refuge in the Buddha, we reflect on the inspiration of the Buddha's life, turning towards our own innate goodness as well as that of others. We commit ourselves to Awakening, the remembrance of our true and beautiful nature. Taking Refuge in the Dharma, we reflect on the Buddha's teachings and undertake practices that cultivate wisdom, compassion and skillful action so that we can live our lives with understanding, kindness and love. We walk the path of awakening in life, resolving to live in accordance with what is true. Taking Refuge in the Sangha, we reflect on the power of community and remember that we are not alone. We discover that our happiness, sorrow and awakening are interconnected with others. Together, we begin healing the centuries of oppression and trauma with a deep knowing of the interdependence of all beings and all things. This program is appropriate for both new and experienced meditators. Join us for a day of practice in community. There will be periods of sitting and walking, guided meditation as well as reflections to support your practice. There will also be plenty of time for questions and comments. All LGBTQI folk are welcome. This full-day retreat is $80; CIMC members $65. Please register at CIMC: https://cambridgeinsight.org/product/lgbtiq-retreat-taking-refuge/

LGBTIQ Retreat: Caring for Ourselves, Caring for Others: Finding Refuge

ONLINE ON ZOOM This silent retreat is an opportunity to gather in community with other LGBTIQ practitioners, whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator. In the midst of these challenging and difficult times, exploring refuge in the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha has never felt more important for our community and this world. As LGBTIQ people, we recollect the power of community to know that we are not alone; that together we can begin the healing of oppression and trauma within a deep knowing of our interconnectedness and interdependence. We can learn to trust the unfolding of this life and act for the benefit of all beings. This retreat is an opportunity to come together and care for ourselves and others, to remember who we really are and to reconnect with our innate goodness. We will explore ways of sustaining a clear and open mind, and a kind and caring heart. We will engage with the ancient teachings and practices offered by the Buddha that cultivate wisdom, kindness, compassion, joy, equanimity and skillful actions. Why not give yourself this time away from your busy life to pause, reflect and discover how through awareness, compassion and wisdom we can begin to heal ourselves, each other and the world? Full and partial scholarships are available. This full-day retreat is $80; CIMC members $65. Please register at CIMC: https://cambridgeinsight.org/product/lgbtqi-retreat-waking-up-to-truth-and-presence-just-as-you-are-just-as-life-is/ The Zoom link will be provided after you register.

Shambhala LGBT Meditation Group

Online event

The Shambhala LGBT Meditation Group offers a safe space for those who identify as queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning to come together to explore the practice of meditation and support each other in community. Previous meditation experience is not required. We will update with program specifics as each evening approaches.

1/2 Day LGBTQ Retreat

Online event

With Madeline Klyne .:. Come join the LGBTQ community of South Shore Insight Meditation Center for an extended Sunday morning. Stillness, Sitting and Walking, Sangha & Schmoozing, Snacking. Half-Day Retreats do not include a lunch time; snacks provided at conclusion. $35 Register here: https://ssimc.squarespace.com/registration/halfday-retreat. Online Zoom link will be provided to you by SSIMC.

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Shambhala LGBT Meditation Group

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