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UPDATE: Effective 12.24.13, this group is now closed. All group trips and events will be posted under our sister groups:

20s & 30s Going Out Group


30s & 40s Going Out Group


Global Adventurers Traveling Group


Please join those groups for a full list of trips and events. We currently have a trip to Costa Rica planned for August 2014, and a Ski & Snowboarding Trip planned for January 2014.

I hope you can join us!




This meetup group is about outdoor adventure. The person who is an adventure enthusiast will simply love this meetup group. All of our members have a wide variety of interest and different levels of experience. We host easy, moderate, and some extreme adventure outings.

People join for different reasons, some want to push their limits and experience an adrenaline rush, others want to meet new friends or re-charge their batteries surrounded by nature.

We have a great group of males, females, singles, couples, young, middle-aged, and young at heart mature folks. Get ready to have fun!

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