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We are a cardio hiking group with a twist….of history! Toronto’s ravines are rich in trails and history. Our 10 km + cardio history hikes aim to not only raise your heart rate but also your awareness of the vibrant history and archaeology of the Don River Valley, and also the neighborhoods adjacent to it. Our new urban hikes are already quite popular and are a great way to explore Toronto.

Rather than hike on by, we catch our breath AND catch up on a few historical tidbits about the area we are hiking in. Sometimes these tidbits of history will be presented by an “expert guest hiker” who will join us, and by me.

These cardio history hikes combine my appreciation for the Don River Valley ravines and trails, my Ph.D. ancient history and archaeology and my goal of staying fit and staying outdoors, year round!

Please note: Only members with a clear profile photos will be added to the "going list" for our hikes. We do not allow guests (ask them to join our group to attend) or pets, and all members must be 18 years and older.

You don’t have to take notes and there are no exams on these cardio history hikes! :). Just show up with a desire to have a great cardio workout, the enthusiasm to learn something about the Don River Valley trails & urban neighborhoods, and an openness to meet other awesome hiking history explorers.

By attending hikes organized by the Outdoor Cardio Ravine Explorers and its hosts you have read the waiver, acknowledge and agree to the terms of the waiver below.


I acknowledge that the hiking activities in which I am participating, organized by the Outdoor Cardio Ravine Explorers (OCRE), involves risks which are beyond the control of the Outdoor Cardio Ravine Explorers and its organizer. Notwithstanding the acknowledgement of such risks, I hereby release the Outdoor Cardio Ravine Explorers, members and organizers from all claims for damage however so arising as a result of my participation in this and any other activity organized by the Outdoor Cardio Ravine Explorers. I affirm that I am aware of the nature of this activity, its length, duration and degrees of difficulty and that I am properly equipped and physically able to participate and have the proper equipment. I have no medical or other condition which might preclude my participation. I agree to follow the directions of the leader and any assistants at all times.

*** Hike FAQ’s***

Attendance: Only members of the Outdoor Cardio Ravine Explorers who have RSVP'd for a specific hike can attend. No guests. No pets. Must be 18 years and older.

Mandatory Gear: Hiking/trail running shoes with good treads. A headlamp or flashlight is mandatory on night hikes. Winter: Microspikes mandatory.

Expected Behavior: Please be courteous and respectful to other hikers, guest/expert hikers and the organizers and event hosts. And please, stay on the trail as to not disturb habitat or wildlife.

Where We Explore: Outdoor Cardio and Ravine Explorers (OCRE) will explore the trails in and around the west and east Don River Valley System- all the way north to Finch Avenue and south to the Lakeshore and the Leslie Spit. We will venture west to the Humber River and east to Highland Creek. We also offer Urban hikes through the city and these have become quite popular and a great way to explore Toronto!

Exercise Pace and Terrain: We offer moderate (5.0 km/hr) and brisk hikes (5.5km/hr +) across terrain that with hills, uneven paths with roots and rocks, bike trails and paved sections.

Hike Format: Our hikes will start from a TTC Subway station to ensure quick entry into the ravines. Each hike will have a specific theme and destination. Be prepared to be amazed at the rich history and archaeology of the TO ravines. Hikes take place in the evenings, weekends and early mornings year-round!

Hike Etiquette: Since many of the trails are multi-use, we yield to mountain bikers. Step to the right, if safe to do so, and they will pass. These are “no-drop” hikes.

Cancelling Events/Changing RSVP: Please respect your RSVP. Your host has researched the route and history, so cancelling at least 24 hours before an event is expected. We understand things come up last minute, but this should be a one-off. Our hikes will take place year round- rain, snow, sleet and wind with the exception of thunder and lightening storms.

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High Park hike: Art in the park with a bakery stop

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