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Welcome to Outdoor Singles and Socials (OSS)!

If you like hikes, walks, bar socials, beach parties, parties, zip lining, camping, river rafting, etc, then this Meetup is for you!

Non-singles are welcomed to attend our events. Our Friday night hikes are for singles and non-singles (married, in relationships, etc). These Friday night hikes are open to everyone!

Welcome to this fun Meetup group in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, San Diego County (Southern California)! This hiking club in Los Angeles area has many fun singles activities and singles events in Los Angeles. Most of our events are outdoor activities around Los Angeles area. We have many fun hikes in LA such as hiking to where they filmed MASH, biking around LA, biking along the beach, hiking to the Hollywood sign, hike to the Batcave, hike to water falls, going to FREE TV show tapings, going to a movie set where you can walk around (Paramount Ranch), checking out the Oscars the day before, camping at Catalina Island. We also have hikes for 20s, 30s & 40s. This group has done many fun train trips to Santa Barbara, Solvang, San Diego, La Jolla, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, Oceanside, etc.

We have a variety of singles at our events. The singles range from blue collar to singles professionals. Most of our members are straight singles professionals. Come and join and meet other singles at fun events at this fun Meetup group! This Meetup is FREE!

Some of the events on this Meetup site are Sierra Club events. This is separate from the Sierra Club.

Come hiking and be in better health--burn approx. 400-650 calories an hour.

This hiking group keeps safety in mind. This group hikes usually hike on established trails such as fire roads. We don't go off trails like some other meetup groups do. Although, we try to keep hikes safe, unexpected things can happen on hikes. Any outdoor event can have risks. To minimize risks, please come prepared such as bringing shoes with good traction, lots of water, sweater if it is an evening hike, rain gear if it is expected to rain, etc.


If you want to host an event, either message the organizer of post it in Schedule a Meetup on the homepage.


If you want to support this group and make a donation to this Meetup group, go here. We organizers have to pay $120 a year. https://secure.meetup.com/Outdoor-Singles/contribute/










Welcome to Outdoor Singles and Socials Meetup group!


If you're a female and looking to carpool, you may write, "Seeking female carpoolers." Women should carpool together and never carpool alone with a guy you don't know !

You do need a picture to join. This group is for normal people. That means no creeps, weirdos, peeps covered all over with tattoos, no gangsters, people with mohawks, etc.

DISCLAIMER: Outdoor Singles & Socials isn't responsible for your safety. Outdoor activities are inherently dangerous. By signing up for these events, you agree to release organizers and Outdoor Singles & Socials Meetup from ANY responsibility/liability. If you DON'T agree to these terms, DO NOT JOIN THIS MEETUP GROUP.
Outdoor Singles & Socials Meetup doesn't certify the expertise of the organizers.
The event/assistant organizers (hike leaders) in this Meetup aren't professional hike leaders and/or sports/outdoor leaders. The event organizers are volunteers. You are responsible for yourself.
When organizers charge for their events, this is between you and them. This has NOTHING to do with Outdoor Singles & Socials. Also, the people who post Ideas and ask for money for their events are NOT associated with Outdoor Singles & Socials Meetup. Pay at YOUR OWN DISCRETION. These finacial transactions are between you and them and NOT Outdoor Singles & Socials Meetup. Outdoor Singles & Socials Meetup is NOT responsible for any possible monetary losses/ financial disagreement.

Outdoor events can be inherently dangerous and accidents may and do happen. By participating in any events, you're taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being. The Outdoor Singles & Socials Meetup Group and its organizers are not trained leaders and we don't confirm the qualifications of any of our members to lead or participate in trips/events. All participants take full responsibility for their own actions. If you choose to sign up for any Outdoor Singles & Socials Meetup events, you are releasing the Outdoor Singles & Socials Meetup Group and its organizers from all and any liability in case of possible injuries.

The hike leaders in this Meetup aren't professional hike leaders. You are responsible for yourself! By signing up for these events, you agree not to hold the Meetup organizers of Outdoor Singles & Socials responsible for what happens to you on these events. Outdoor activities are inherently dangerous.

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FREE MUSIC w/2 GRAMMY Nominees + 3 Bands at the HI HAT / Highland Park

Appearing in Highland Park on Tuesday: Two Grammy nominees and...maybe even Jesus. Do I have your attention? I like live music and I don't go out and hear enough of it. This is the first in what could be a semi-irregular series of music events I'll be posting. I know money can be tight for some - and people are cheap -- so most of these will be FREE. What kind of music? Stuff I think I might like. So let's go to the Highland Park's HiHat Club, let's hang out, and check out these 3 bands: LlittleDNGR: ("little danger" - I guess that's how u say it) is pop influenced, electro-blues -- call it cinema grunge-pop. Equal parts brooding and epic, this musical love-affair lives in a world of cinematic soundscapes, anthemic choruses, big riffs and electro-beats. LittleDNGR are GRAMMY & OSCAR nominated songwriters, Joshua Bartholomew & Lisa Harriton; they've written tons of stuff but are most famous for writing "Everything Is Awesome" from The LEGO Movie. But these aren't LEGO songs: https://www.facebook.com/pg/littleDNGR/videos/ (ok, I could only find short song clips) FINAL CHILD: Tom Payne, the actor who played "JESUS" in Walking Dead back when I used to watch it, is engaged to Final Child's singer and actually contributes vocals to one of their songs so -- who knows -- maybe he'll show up to do his part live. https://youtu.be/k9yfK61PxhA TORII WOLF: Think Bjork meets hip hop meets ? https://youtu.be/OZblXekRxHc TICKETS: Tickets are free. I don't think it's necessary, but if you want to be safe go ahead a register for the FREE tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/littledngr-residency-night-3-tickets-54778376599 HOW TO MEET INFO: Coming soon. And i know it's a weeknight so don't worry - you don't have to stay the whole night. Leave when you want. SET TIMES: I'll find out. PARKING: There is ample street parking in the area and most restrictions end at 8pm if not earlier. There are two adjacent parking lots that are free after 9PM but close at 12AM, please read all posted signage,

20s, 30s, 40s Friday Night Adventure Hikes!!

Needs a location

***Please try to be early if possible, we do depart 7:15 sharp*** Hike is geared for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and early 50s, but is open to all ages. Meet at 7 PM, but leave at 7:15 PM. Meet in front right (by street) of the ranger station (the one in the picture). Parking is in the free parking lot. We'll go on a 4-6 miles RT 800 feet elevation gain hike. Hike will be approx 2-2 1/2 hours. Bring water, sweater since we'll be hiking in the dark, shoes with good traction. Bring water, sweater and sneakers with good traction! Using red, green and blue lights flashlights are preferred. White flash lights can be used if keep it away from other hikers eyes. Ranger Station is across the street from the merry-go-round. There's a stop sign where the Ranger Station is. The Mapquest, Google, Apple Maps directions may take you too far. Use this map to find the Ranger Station (http://files.meetup.com/1205964/RangerStationMeetingSpot2.jpg). If you leave early, please tell one of the organizers so we know that you are safe. These Friday night hikes are now open to non-singles (married people, couples or people in relationships). You can bring your non-singles friends who just want to get exercise. Dogs are ok to come. Owners must be on a leash. Jk. Lol. I meant the other way around. 😄 Rain cancels hike--including light rain. If for some reason you get separated from us, Ranger Station Tele. # Phone: (323)[masked]. Map of Griffith Park: http://angeles.sierraclub.org/griffith/griffith_park_map.html Hike isn't recommended for beginners or people out of shape. This is a moderate hike. We may be hiking to the same place this cool video was filmed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTMrlHHVx8A

Walk to check out the Oscars 2019

U.S. Bank ATM - Hollywood & Western Ca

We'll walk under 5 miles RT to check out the Oscars--the day before. NOTE: the pictures are from last year. This is the best kept secret in los angeles. We'll also check out the many things to see on Hollywood Blvd. Rain wont cancel this walk. If it rains too much, we can take subway there. If lightly rain, we will walk there. http://oscar.go.com/ If you don't want to walk back, you can take the Metro back(subway). Bring quarters if you decide to take the metro back. Afterwards, participants can meet at Starbucks coffee shop across the street from meeting location. There also is a jersey mikes and Robek's there people can meet afterwards. Last year, people went to one of the many bars on hollywod blvd afterwards.

Charles Manson Family Cave and Spahn Ranch

Rocky Peak trailhead south parking area

It’s creepy and it’s spooky, but interesting and pretty. Imagine yourself in 1969 going horse back riding at Spahn ranch (once a movie ranch turned into a horse ranch). You arrive, and you don’t see the owner, or usual ranch hands, anywhere. Instead you are greeted with the notorious Charles Manson. He saddles you up and off you go through the hills, and the trails, and Charles’ hippie commune. That’s my true story and I’ll tell you more on the hike. Meet me at the south side (not the north side) of Rocky Peak road at 9:45. We will start promptly at 10:00. We’ll walk a short distance down the Santa Susana Pass Road then veer onto the trail that will lead us to Spahn Ranch. From above the ranch we will have nice views of the San Fernando Valley. We will then visit the Charles Manson family cave located in a creek bed (hopefully dry) near the pass road, not far from Spahn Ranch. This is a great place to stop for snacks and rest before heading back to Rocky Peak Road. Although I know the trails, I’m considering this an exploratory hike in case I take a wrong turn in which we will have to turn back. But no fear, we won’t get lost. I will provide more details about the trail closer to the date, so check back here. NOTE: Periodically check the meetup for any updates. If you RSVP, and change your mind, please remove yourself from the list. DETAILS: Distance: About 3 miles Elevation Gain: about 700' Difficulty: Fit beginner/intermediate Dogs: On a leash Restrooms: None Water Fountain: None Parking: Free Trail: Single track Known Dangers: Rattlesnakes, slip-'n-fall, poison oak WHAT TO BRING: 2 liters of water snacks Good hiking/walking shoes Sunscreen Hat Dress according to the weather DIRECTIONS Directions: From the 118, take the Rocky Peak Road exit between Simi and Chatsworth. Park on either end of the very short Rocky Peak Road, but watch out you don't violate the prohibited spots (they are marked) and make sure you go to the SOUTH side of Rocky Peak Road to meet up with us. We will NOT be at the Rocky Peak trailhead. DISCLAIMER / RELEASE OF LIABILITY: You must RSVP to attend this event, no exceptions. You are responsible for you. If you choose to sign up for any event, you are releasing the organizers of OSS from all liability in case of possible injuries. The organizers of OSS are not trained leaders and we do not confirm the qualifications of any of its members to lead or participate in trips. By participating in any posted event, you're taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being. Hiking and other outdoor events are inherently dangerous and accidents can happen. All participants take full responsibility for their own actions. Your personal safety depends on your own judgement and experience. This applies to any guests you may invite.

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[FREE] Love Rocks 🖤Post-Valentines Party🖤

Brennan's Pub

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