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1 Day Train ride to San Diego (& La Jolla)
IF YOU ARE COMING, YOU NEED TO MESSAGE ORGANIZER. ALTHOUGH IT SAYS CLOSE, I MAY OPEN IT IF YOU MESSAGE THE ORGANIZER. We will meet next to train around 8 AM. I will wear a LA Zoo cap. Let me know if you are coming. I will give you my cell #. I just bought my tix. You can buy yours too. Buy tickets for 819 am. It will arrive at 11:10 am in san diego. Buy either 650 pm return or 859 return. It will arrive back in LA at 935 pm. The 859 train will arrive back in los angeles at 1152 pm. Amtrak does require reservations during this busy weekend. If you want more time in san diego, get the 859 train. It is the last train, so dont miss it. For the 650 pm train, i recommend you leave la jolla by 520 pm. I am returning Saturday night. You won't have to meet us at Union station. Can meet us along the way. Can meet us along the way. Although we are traveling during the busy holiday seaon, we shouldnt have any problem getting on the train since not many passengers will be on the train in old town. It will get packed later! It only costed me $70 round trip to Old Town San Diego. Also, bring change for the bus. Please read all of the description. This trip will be more complicated than my other trips since we'll most likely get separated. Also, please bring maps of jolla and #30 bus with you. This will be a one day trip. We'll ride partly along the coast so you'll get awesome views of the ocean! Take the Surfliner train (has WIFI) to San Diego along the beautiful coast and back. 2 and a half hour one way. 5 hours back and forth and time spent in San Diego..74 bucks a pay pal stuff just pay at the station and hit the rails...... On ( We'll get off in Old Town San Diego, Then, we'll take a bus to La Jolla (Beverly Hills of SD ( It takes around 45 minutes to get to La Jolla. It will cost $4.50 RT. bring change for bus. Hence, the total cost for transportation (Amtrak & bus) is $79. You don't have to meet at Union Station. You can meet us on the way. Plan is to 1st go to La Jolla from Old Town San Diego (we get off here). We'll walk along the coast of La Jolla. We'll walk to La Jolla Shores Beach, the Children's Pool to see the seals there, explore the shops in La Jolla and eat there. We'll go inside La Jolla cove. For a fee ($5), you can go in a cave there to the ocean. After La Jolla, you'll return to Old Town San Diego. You can explore Old Town and then take the train back to LA from Old Town. Parking: It is $6 at gateway plaza. To get there, go past Union station (coming from downtown LA) on Cesar Chavez blvd. and go under the bridge. It will be first driveway into a building. Go inside. When you leave, must pay any kiosk so bring your ticket with you. station (coming from downtown LA) on Cesar Chavez blvd. and go under the bridge. It will be first driveway into a building. Go inside. When you leave, must pay any kiosk so bring your ticket with you. Maps You'll Need: Old Town San Diego Map ( La Jolla map ( # 30 bus map ( usually every 15 minutes. Here are the times For those that want to see a lot more of San Diego and get a tour, they can board the Old Town Trolley Tours in Old Town SD. However, if you do this, I recommend taking the train that leaves later (the last one. The 9:05 PM one) or staying over. Link for trolley: Tours in Old Town SD. However, if you do this, I recommend taking the train that leaves later (the last one. The 9:05 PM one) or staying over. Link for trolley: check out video on youtube link... Proposed Intinerary: It will be very important for you to print maps (above). You will be responsible for yourself to get on the train to return to LA. We'll meet at 8:15 AM in front of Union Station (will have Meetup sign) to take the 8:41 AM train. We'll arrive at 11:52 AM at Old Town San Diego. Make sure you get off the train at Old Town San Diego (NOT downtown San Diego. That will be after Old Town). Then we'll get on the number 30 bus (may have to take 2 buses since we are a very large group. #30 bus is next to where we get off the bus in Old Town. The bus cost $2.50 one way or $4.50 RT to La Jolla. Well probably arrive in La Jolla at 12:40 pm. We'll get off there at probably Pearl and La Jolla Blvd (spot where bus will make a right turn in La Jolla). Then we'll walk to the Children's Cove (where the seals are). After that, group can do there own thing for two hours. During that one and two hours, you can go in the cave (Sunny Jim Cave Store. pictured above. I can show you where the cave is) (, explore, eat, etc. We'll meet back at the Children's pool ( where the seals are) and walk along the coast. We'll probably walk to La Jolla Shores Beach. Adventures can walk from La Jolla Shores to the nude beach, Black’s Beach ( LOL. (We aren’t going there. What kind of Meetup group do you think this is? LOL). Here is info about the walk to Black beach trail ( there. It may be difficult to do this walk when there is high tide. After la jolla shores beach, we'll walk to the #30 bus ( and you can either stay in LJ or go back to Old Town where you can either take the train to LA or explore Old Town. The #30 bus comes about every 15 minutes. If they get too full, they'll skip stops. Return: I will not be returning with you to Old Town San Diego. Return by taking the #30 bus ( back to Old Town San Diego and take the 6:50 PM train from Old Town San Diego or you can take the 9 PM (last train from Old Town) train if want to see more. I'd recommend buying the 9 PM train tix from Old Town San Diego. There is a lot to see in Old Town! When you return, make sure you get train from track # 4 (the Surfliner) back to LA. If you miss the 9 PM train, you’ll probably have to take the Amtrak bus from downtown Amtrak station. There is a 10:15 PM Amtrak bus after that. You might have to buy a ticket for the Amtrak bus. You can also take the Greyhound bus ( back to LA (you'll be far from Union Station) Getting off of train too late I expect some people will miss getting off at Old Town San Diego. If you do, then it can be somewhat of a problem. You'll have to get off at next stop which is in downtown San Diego. Right outside is a trolley you can take up to old town San Diego. Then from there, get on #30 bus to la jolla. You'll find us around. Please look at these pics (;_ylt=A0SO805ZO4hVh8gAeGXBGOd_;_ylu=X3oDMTEycDdrY3FzBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjAyMzlfMQRzZWMDc2M-?viewtype=map) of what old town San Diego looks like so you'll recognize it.. Extra time If you have extra time, explore old town San Diego or the beaches at pacific beach. The #30 bus () will take you a few blocks from the beach. Please refer to the map () Problems I foresee happening 1. People missing getting off at old town San Diego and getting off at in downtown San Diego. If you do get of in downtown, right outside the Amtrak station is a trolley. Take it to old town San Diego. Then get on the number 30 bus to la jolla village. Can get off anywhere there and walk to the ocean. Will have meeting spot at children's pool. That is where the seals are. Will post meeting location. 2. Getting off too late or too early in la jolla. Since we are a very large group, we may not all be able to get on the same # 30 bus. Some may have to take a later bus. Hence, you need to know when to get off in la jolla. We are getting off at Pearl and La Jolla blvd. It is where bus makes right turn. You'll see a baskin and Robbins ice cream store and a gas station at corner too. Once you get off, walk to the ocean. We will mostly be walking along the ocean. Can get off anywhere in la jolla village, such as Girard, Pearl, Silverado, Herschel streets. Everything is close by. Walk to the ocean. Will have meeting spot at children's pool, where the seals are. Will post time. If the bus starts going up hill, you are going too far, such as UCSD. Getting off too early off the bus such as getting off in Bird Rock. We are getting off at la jolla village. It is after Bird Rock. 3. Leave la jolla at least two hours before your train leaves. It takes about 45 minutes to get to old town San Diego from la jolla. The bus comes approximately every 15 minutes. Sometimes when the bus is full, it will skip stops. 4. It is your responsibility to get back on the train. Please print out map of the #30 bus and la jolla. They are above. 5. Don't know when we are meeting at children's pool to walk to la jolla shores beach. I will post the time in the message board. Please bring your smart phones. If you're looking for me, I'll most likely be near the ocean or MIGHT be in the Living Room coffee shop checking my emails. It has wifi there. Address is 1010 Prospect st. When we first get there I am going to take people to sunny Jim cave store. Address is 1325 cave st.

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Welcome to this fun Meetup group in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, San Diego County (Southern California)! This hiking club in Los Angeles area has many fun singles activities and singles events in Los Angeles. Most of our events are outdoor activities around Los Angeles area. We have many fun hikes in LA such as hiking to where they filmed MASH, biking around LA, biking along the beach, hiking to the Hollywood sign, hike to the Batcave, hike to water falls, going to FREE TV show tapings, going to a movie set where you can walk around (Paramount Ranch), checking out the Oscars the day before, camping at Catalina Island. We also have hikes for 20s, 30s & 40s. This group has done many fun train trips to Santa Barbara, Solvang, San Diego, La Jolla, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, Oceanside, etc.

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Welcome to Outdoor Singles and Socials Meetup group!


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