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Who wants to drive to mt. Pinos to see meteors? This is somewhat closer. However it wont be as dark as mt. Pinos, but should be dark enough to see meteors. It is out in the country! This weekend will be at its peak!

Thanks for Michael for scouting out location!!

We are going to meet at gravel parking lot, not the paved one for the horse stables. The paved one charges for parking. It is free where we park. We are meeting at park next to horse stables. This park has a river that goes through it so it should be quite beautiful. We may explore it.

We will first have potluck and then watch the meteor shower. We may also explore park before the meteor shower. Bring beach towels and chairs. We could use the beach towels to put food on or sit on it. There are no picnic tables here. Also, bring a flashlight, preferably one that is blue or red so not to ruin our night vision. Wear warm clothes.

Can come after 7:45 pm. We will be nearby. Try to get there before 830 pm since it may be too dark to find us.

Just a note on the location. So there is no confusion, the green sign on Santa Rosa Road says "Santa Rosa County Park" with an arrow. It's the same as Santa Rosa Valley Park" where we are meeting.