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Are you a fan of learning and sharing knowledge but while doing so, you want to be doing exercise and appreciating nature? In particular, would you like to recite poems, tell us factual, anecdotal or mythical stories and get involved in intellectual discussions every week in turns while doing outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, trekking, camping, horse-riding or stargazing? If Yes, then press the “join the group” button and be part of the tribe. This group has two goals: Intellectual engagement while being outdoors and eventually to make LIFE-LONG friends. I repeat, LIFE-LONG friends. To put into perspective, on a sunny day, we can take our books and have our discussion by the Crimdon beach, or on a bleak day, we can recite poems while playing bowling (this is indoors Yes) or go for a ride and stop by a quirky pub and make our poetry or storytelling day there, or go to a stargazing event and recite our poems under the stars. If you however solely want to join the group to find an activity partner or a travel company, you are encouraged to join zillions of other groups on meet up. Life-long friends do not regard the new people they meet as a “take away”, but they want to keep in touch with them and be inspired by them, unless of course that friendship is not working for either of the parties. We do not want the element of “distrust” in this group. If you are having difficulty to put faith in making a stable friendship with others owing to your past experiences or prejudices, then this group may not be ideal for you. That being said, the group is not exclusive to the people of Newcastle or Durham ; anyone across the country is encouraged to join.

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