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OutdoorAdventure.org was founded in 2015. We organize exciting and challenging weekly outdoor events for members year-round such as camping, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, skiing, shelter building, canoeing and much more...

Manitoba has a variety of landscapes from prairies to rolling hills and from lake to desert-like environments; there are many adventures that awaits your exploration! We have events every week with overnight camping once a month year-round.

We also have four base camp workshops a year, one for each season, where members learn how to build primitive shelters and have the opportunity to sleep in them.


Document the beauty of Manitoba's four season wilderness, while highlighting the importance of environmental sustainability, climate change and our ability to adapt. As a result, most events are video recorded and photographed. This group prides itself in the joy of exploring the outdoors with the ability to accomplish challenging terrain through self-determination, trust and cooperation.


- Season's calendar with organized events

- Discussion forums (message board)

- Member discounts from sponsors

- Event comment sections

- Video recorded outings

- Equipment rentals

- Photo albums

- Meal Plans

LEVEL OF SKILLS: We encourage members to participate in city events prior to a backcountry for physical and mental conditioning, and when testing new gear. These events prepare us for day hikes and backpacking. As a result, most out-of-city events requires an intermediate skill level as we traverse challenging terrain such as hills, forested areas, and long distances.


- Novice: Flat terrain with little to no obstacles.

- Intermediate: Few obstacles, terrain may be uneven with some elevation.

- Advanced: Event will have rugged terrain with some obstacles.

SAFETY: Please understand these are group events, which means you must stay with the group, look out for each other's well being and participate.

GENERAL MEMBERS: https://outdooradventure.org/fees

- General Member Participation Fee ($5 to $40), unless it's a No-Fee Event.

**One paid Event Fee could be used towards an Official Membership.

OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIPS would be required to pay one of the following:

- Annual Membership ($200; couples: $300).

- 6-Month Memberships ($150; couples: $225).

OFFICIAL RENEWAL FEE: https://outdooradventure.org/fees

- Annual Membership ($100; couples: $150)

- 6-Month Memberships ($75; couples: $112) "Annual Members qualify"


Covers all participation fees, you are provided 5-event passes for your guests, in addition to moving to the top of the attendance list and 75% off OutdoorAdventure.org equipment rentals: https://outdooradventure.org/rental


Fee are paid with Cash, E-Transfer (info@outdooradventure.org) or PayPal/Credit Card ( https://outdooradventure.org/fees ). Credit Card payments has a 3.05% cancellation fee.

*Additional rental, camping or lodging fees may apply.

**Carpooling is an additional cost for those seeking a ride.

***All fees are used towards covering external costs and equipment maintenance.


1) Couples Memberships are reduced by 25%.

2) FREE Renewal when referring a Friend to a New Membership.

3) Every additional Friend receives 50% reduction for a New Membership.


Please be aware that OutdoorAdventure.org are experienced but not professional guides, and it is every participant's responsibility to be safe and come prepared with proper equipment and safety essentials.

Please be aware that risks are inherent in outdoor activities that we take part in, and if you are injured or worse, OutdoorAdventure.org or your event organizers, cannot be held responsible in any way. The success of each event depends on the cooperation and efforts of every member who participates.

Although we make an effort to look out for one another to the best of our ability, each of us is nevertheless responsible for our own safety and well-being during every event.

*Participants are required to fill out the registration form and media release once a year. Registration forms are provided at the event, or you may print and fill it out prior to your arrival: https://outdooradventure.org/registration

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