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The Convergence community, from Outlier Ventures and sponsored by Bitfury is a global community and events platform exploring and driving the convergence of blockchains and other decentralisation technologies with artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, & blended realities.

Convergence is the culmination of four years’ work as a blockchain venture fund and builder having engaged with other 1,200 from around the world. 

During that time it has become clear to our team at Outlier Ventures, that blockchain is most impactful and investible at the intersections of two or more emerging technologies and applied to clear verticals like Industry 4.0 or Smart Cities and Mobility.

We first saw this begin to be realised where blockchains begun to be applied to and combined with the Internet of Things (IoT) and more recently artificial intelligence (AI). 

As we started investigating, convergence opportunities were increasingly everywhere from securing 3D printing distribution networks to verifiable drone delivery networks and chatbots using blockchains to make payments on behalf of their users.

Our thesis is that blockchain technologies, including distributed ledgers & smart contracts, are the infrastructure that allows all other macro-trends to converge through a common operating system and shared standards. They represent the next phase of The Web, Web 3.0 or ‘The Trust Web’, and will to transform how technologies interact with one another and the World around them. 

Even more interestingly they will begin to accelerate one another leading to a cambrian explosion of innovation it will be difficult for any one business to keep pace with on their own.

It is this challenge that led us to create the Convergence VC community to enable people to break out of their silos and begin to openly collaborate across technologies and sectors and we invite you to join our global conversation.

As technologies combine and converge in unexpected and profound ways, interdisciplinary thinking is more important than ever. We hope these events will contribute to and enable important cross-disciplinary discussions and start-ups.

We are starting on a global tour for 2017 with different themes in main tech centres...and this is just the beginning.

Please jump on board.