What we're about

We are an active, over 40 group that enjoys hiking, biking, concerts, bowling, a good beer, hikes with dogs, urban hikes, and great times with friends. Please be sure to go to the about section to see our legal disclaimer, guidelines, and guest policy, they can all be found here. waiver and policies (https://www.meetup.com/Over-40-Single-Hikers-and-Adventurers/about/) (shown below)

Some basic guidelines.

Treat everyone with respect.

Don't be a no-show or cancel at the last minute. If this becomes a pattern, you'll be removed from the group.

If you signed up as a "Yes" and plans change, switch your reply to "No".

If you know upfront that you won't be going, you do not need to reply to the event.

Be prepared with the proper equipment.

We'll start on time, so don't be late.

All end times are estimated, please don't have plans for immediately after any event.

Chip in for gas money.

Bring a bag for your boots, so you don't get mud in the driver's car.

Take turns driving.

Purchase Discover and Forest Passes if you will be hiking. And learn the difference between the two, so you don't get ticketed.

You can buy them at REI or online.

Go to sites like wta.org to learn about the 10 essentials, find trails, etc.

Helpful Hints:

When we list hikes, we'll let you know the difficulty level and the pace.

Example: Moderate 25 minute miles. This will probably be a hike like Rattlesnake Ledge. It's 4 miles roundtrip and 1160 of elevation gain. This means you should be able to get up and down this hike, including a break at the top in under 2 hours.

http://www.wta.org/go... (http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/rattle-snake-ledge)

For Weekend hikes, we'll often go slower, so that we can take more pictures, but we'll still average about 30 minute miles.

Strenuous hikes either have more elevation gain or are much further in distance. Example: Mount Si is 8 miles and 3150 feet of elevation gain.

http://www.wta.org/go... (http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/mount-si)

For your safety and the safety of others, be sure you are able to keep the appropriate pace when signing up for a hike. We are not professional guides and while we do try to keep everyone safe, your safety is your responsibility.

We're are doing this as volunteers because we think it's fun and want to share our interests with like minded people. If you enjoy the group, encourage others to join. If you aren't enjoying the group, we hope you'll find another group that better suits your needs.

Happy Trails

Upcoming events (4+)

"Cool Down" Power Walk Kirkland to Juanita (Any crazy weather Ok)

Needs a location

Join me on this cool trek through the mean streets of Kirkland and of course the many lake front parks Kirkland has to offer!!

(This time we will do a fast paced shorter version)

All well behaved dogs on leash welcome!

Please be committed to attending with no last minute no shows or cancellations. Always plan on getting home later than expected!


• Distance: 4+ RT Hiking route is subject to change

• Elevation gain: 300+

• High point: 500 FT+

• Difficulty: Easier to moderate with some steeper hill climbs
(We walk fast)

• Hiking time: 2+ hours

• Hiking speed: Quick leisurely pace with plenty of breaks

What to bring: Rain gear, layered clothing, sturdy shoes or boots, camera, sunscreen, water and snacks, dog leashes and dog treats.


• 3:00 PM -Gazebo at Kirkland Marina Park

Many beach parks in between.............

• 4:30-5:00 PM Happy Hour Hearth Stone outside Deck?..........

Driving directions: Google It please...

"Point Defiance Park Tacoma Adventure Trek" (Easy with one optional beach climb)

Hey people join me and Laura for a cool power walk through Point Defiance Park a gem of Tacoma and the Northwest!!!!!!!

Oh Ya they closed the roads way cool as we can walk this cool park no cars!

(And yes our optional scary beach mini hike?)

All pups on leash cool!
Parking free!
We meet at Owens Beach!!!!!

Laura has a cool after event for food and good cheer!
Stay tuned......
We will have an amazing day!!!!!!!!!!

51st Annual "Folk Life Festival"

Needs a location

Please all come out and enjoy the Seattle Folk Life Music Festival enjoying the wide variety of music and food from around the world!

Dam we are so blessed and fortunate to have this great Seattle festival
back!!!!!!! Yes a covid vax card is still required! Bring your masks just in case sad?

We will meet at 1:00 PM at the Key Arena Box office on the west side of the building. We may break into smaller groups and regroup at a specified location later in the day!

This is an open all day and evening event as you can stay and or leave at any time!

All friends and family welcome.........................

Free Admission! But a generous donation is recommended!
Proceeds go towards many great charities!!!!!!!!!


Hello all my cool friends this post is a semi rough draft because of this crazy world! Please expect time changes and meeting points!
Thankyou Stefan....................

C'mon along, as we witness history, Bosox versus Mariners

Needs a location


Hi Slackers, the cost of tickets are $26.50 each. We'll be sitting in the left field bleachers. Please send payments to Steve via paypal as a friend to [masked] to avoid fees . Be sure to include your name and email address in the description.

"Baseball is like church, " Cub manager Leo 'the lip' Durocher once mused. "Many attend. Few Understand." So I guess I am one of those few, yet do know that baseball has a very colorful and quirky history. Like in a driving rain squall in 1900, when Ray Oyler, a light-hitting Minnesota Miller shortstop crouched low at the plate. The hurler fired a blistering heater headed straight for Ray's "bean." He ducked as the ball caromed off his bat and landed with a splash in front of the plate. Oyler quickly rounded the bases for a homer as most of the opposing fielders frantically searched for the ball, which they finally found buried in the mud. His inside-the-park blast traveled a mere 24 inches from home plate. More oddities occurred in a Mariners' 2010 spring training commercial, in which Griffey Jr, left a puddle of super glue on a folding chair. Ichiro sat down and thus was affixed there for a unknown period of time. Or in 1991, when the Mariners posted their very first winning season!. And probably very few remember St Louis Browns' hitter Eddie Gaedel as he dug into the batter's box in 1951. Only three-foot-seven inches high, Gaedel crouched low as Tigers' hurler, Bob Cain, fired four straight, normally belt high fast balls, way over Gaedel's head and his tiny strike zone. Thus Eddie walked and ended his career as one of only five big leaguers with a perfect on base percentage. I could go on, but won't due to slacker management policies. So bring your mitt and join Steve B and I, to experience some baseball magic, as the M's take on the Bosox. (Steve's fave ball club.) Note we will meet around 6:40 pm at the baseball mitt sculpture which is located on street, just NW of the park.


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