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* If you're approaching 40, you are 40 something or in your 50's - LISTEN UP!

* If you are at the point where you are feeling a bit disillusioned with the world or with your life and perhaps have said to yourself something like:

"Is this all there is?" "Where the hell did all the years go?"

"I thought I'd be fitter/richer/happier/in a great relationship/more successful...... by now"

"I'm going to take action and get my sh*t together and get on track...but where do I even start?"

"I need some help or some motivation to make my life great again"

"I'm READY now to focus on me and do things I've never done before to get results I've never had before"

If YES...then this is going to be a great group for you. Not a sit around & complain session - our meetings will be pumped and focused & we will inspire each other to make the changes required to get your life back on track and make 'the next stage the best stage'.

As the leader of the group, I have loads of experience, ideas, and tools. And I have some awesome people lined up who I will bring in to meetings to share knowledge, tips, and wisdom! Some of the stuff we will do would cost you big bucks in other settings.

Personally, I believe the right people are drawn together at the right time to make the right changes. So, only join if you are happy to step out of your comfort zone and be challenged.

If I have ignited something within and you are ready to be stretched a bit, think outside the box that you're stuck in and start really living...then get on board.

If you're feeling shy to connect with others - I can help with that too :)

So please to help spread the word and let's get awesome people on-board - ready to get MORE out of this wonderful opportunity called LIFE.

Now is YOUR time to shine!!

PS: If you need some help to get your life back on track but can’t possibly get to our meetings, then there are some other options I can talk to you about to get you rocking (just message via here or FB group of the same name and I’ll steer you in the right direction).

PS: Not a singles or dating group. No sleazy behaviour. The effort to connect with others required. Only people who are really wanting to work on themselves, make some positive changes and get more out of life should join us!

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Workshop: How TRUTH can bring you more SUCCESS in LIFE!



This meetup is much more than a casual gathering to pass the time - it is structured as a 2.5 hour workshop, coupled with breakfast. Workshop facilitator, Elly Johnson, is known as the Truth Guru and is an expert on the topic of TRUTH and how it impacts on our success in life, from the boardroom to the bedroom and every room in between. This interactive workshop introduces the framework of the 5 Truth Circles and outlines the impact each of the circles has in our relationships at work and at home. Elly will then dive a bit deeper on 2 of the circles to explore in more depth the topics of SELF-TRUTH and the truth about how we SHOW-UP in life. This meetup workshop promises to help you to: **Get back in touch with the truth about what you are capable of **Uncover a limiting non-truth that has been keeping you stuck **Give you a tool to create a new a more empowering truth This meetup group has had some fabulous gatherings and everyone so far has been so supportive to each other in their quest to get more out of life. By attending this workshop you are saying that YOU are ready to be proactive in achieving better results in one or more parts of your life. It's easy to go to a meetup, just for fun or killing some time - this group is a bit different. With more of a personal growth focus in a safe and supportive environment, you will leave with tangible ideas that can make an immediate difference in your world (providing you put the ideas into ACTION!) If it all seems a bit 'hard' to get up on a Sunday in time to be at this morning workshop, then maybe you need to question the TRUTH about whether you really do want to squeeze more out of this life. If spending 3 hours on yourself, having breakfast, being challenged for growth and meeting some great people doesn't sound like a good use of time, then maybe you should question why you are in this group. We don't have heaps of events, but the ones we have are awesome!! Message from Elly: This workshop will cost a small (non-refundable) fee of $10. As a meetup organiser, it costs to have an annual subscription plus there is a lot of time and effort that goes into preparing and hosting these sessions. Workshops similar to this are charged at hundreds per head, so know that this is a small contribution as an indication of gratitude and that you are serious about investing in yourself and your personal growth. Breakfast and coffee etc. at own expense. Venue at this stage is set at END OF KING CAFE, Newtown. It may change but will be in that area. Once you have booked for event, you will receive updates if there are any changes!

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Awesome Xmas Breakfast Meetup!


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