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We are folks who truly love to cook and explore new ingredients and flavors. We don't think twice about spending 2 or 3 hours preparing a single dish - we love it! We'll share our passion through participant-created tasting menus that include wine pairings.

We will get ten of us together once every month or two in a home setting for a five-course tasting menu. Four savory courses and one dessert course. Each course will have a wine pairing. Five participants for each event will choose their own recipes for their food course and own the preparation, and the other five participants will work with each of the course creators to select a wine pairing. Food preparation will be done as much as possible at each participant’s home, with the final preparation done at the host’s home. With five courses to look forward to, we will expect small portions with a small pouring of wine.

The events will take place within 45 minutes of Bedford, MA. Ages 40+, both singles and couples, are welcome to join.

Expected expenditure per person for food or wine for each event will be $30-$50.

We are waiting for a few more members to join so that we have enough people to do an 8-10 person event.

Upcoming events (1)

Winter 2019 - Something New

Needs a location

Our theme for this event will be "Something New". If you're cooking, choose an ingredient you've never cooked with. If you're bringing a wine pairing, choose a new wine. I will send assignments next week since the event is already full. Jill and Ed will be hosting this dinner in Reading. Details to be provided later.

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Fall 2018

Sharon Cutter

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