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Being an overactive 50 something with a full time work schedule, it's not always easy to find workout partners. Do you like to stay fit and active, but have a hard time staying motivated alone? Having an equally hard time finding peers who like to stay fit and active and can workout on your schedule? Welcome to my world!

This group is a platform to find likeminded individuals and hopefully a pool of cardio training partners. The workouts will range from running short distances, running longer distances and hiking or biking even longer distances. Two days mid-week early mornings before work and Sundays, the schedule will rotate between running, hiking and eventually biking.

Do we have training goals? I know I do. Why else would I bother? Races, backpacking trips, summer sports, winter sports, group adventures, solo adventures. The opportunities are endless when we are physically able to participate. We are not here to compete against each other, rather we encourage and support each others efforts and endeavors.

Do we all have the same goals? Heck no! Sometimes some of us will pick an event to do together, other times we'll go off and do our own stuff. For some of us, the goal may simply be good health and peace of mind. The goals themselves aren't the important part, so much as how they motivate you. The purpose of this group is simply to create a platform to train together. Participating in events is a personal decision that you fully control.

Disclaimer: I am a personal trainer with a diverse fitness background and will be programming our sessions with intention. To benefit most from this group, you will already be relatively fit for your age, without physical or medical conditions that prevent you from working hard as determined by you. If you are in doubt, please check with your physician and get a fitness evaluation from a personal trainer.

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