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What we’re about

Welcome to Overbooked! 👋

📕 This book club is for roughly Millennial-aged (±10 years) women looking for friends and lively discussion. We'll strive to pick books under 500 pages and have an audiobook available. We're open to all categories of books, whatever the group is most excited about!

🏁 If you don't finish the book, no problem! LOVE it or HATE it, please come and have an excellent time together. 🍻

👉 Need more convincing?

⏳ Short on time?
You can listen to audiobooks during your daily commute or while doing chores. 
15 min x 2 (each way) x 5 days x 4 weeks = 10 hours/month! 
And you can make it go even further by playing the audiobook up to 3.5x faster.

😻 If there's a book you want to read and think would make for a great discussion, please message the organizer. If you'd like to lead the conversation or host, even better! If you'd like to plan another get-together, we're all ears!

🔔 To stay in the loop and receive the organizer's emails, please have your "Group Announcement" email notifications turned on.

📚 Local Bookstores:

💰 How to keep it affordable: 
And don't forget e-books!