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Do you sometimes struggle with motivation, lack of self-confidence or self-esteem? Are you not achieving your goals as fast as you would like? Do you have stress or anxiety that you can't easily shake off? Or would you simply like to achieve greater happiness and success in life?

Our meetings provide opportunities for group members to connect with and help each other, and to learn tools for personal development. During the meetups, group members will be able to practice communication skills and other self-improvement tools to help them overcome blocks to self-confidence, motivation and happiness.

In this group we will learn about what holds a person back and workable techniques to help you:

* Overcome barriers to self-confidence.

* Increase your motivation, rev up your energy and accelerate your goals.

* Create stronger relationships.

* Overcome bad past experiences and stress.

* Improve your ability to communicate with others.

* Take control of your life and become a more confident, happier you.

We warmly welcome you to come to our meetings!

This group is sponsored by the Dianetics and Scientology life improvement center

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How to Build Confidence and Communicate Effectively

Online event

Do you ever lack self-confidence or get nervous in speaking with others? Do you encounter back-off in talking to groups or audiences?

Fortunately there are communication skills you can acquire that actually work. That’s what this meetup is about. We’ll cover and practice tools you can use to help you:

*Increase your self-confidence.

*Connect with people and groups, and engage them more easily.

*Overcome nervousness and anxiety in talking in front of others.

*Gain important tips for public speaking.

*More easily be yourself and express yourself when speaking to others.

Communication is the foundation of living. It's a key skill to cultivate for your business or any endeavor. Your happiness depends on your ability to communicate!


This group was sponsored by the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center.

Uncover Your True Self and Life Energy

Online event

Would you like to know the Real You, not just a shadow of yourself? Does your life energy feel somehow trapped within? Does your self-confidence get easily shaken? Do you get in the way of your own goals? We will discuss the real source of all this, what holds you back in life, and how to handle it so you can achieve more successful, happier living.

Perhaps you get weighed down with negative emotions you can't seem to shrug of. Or find yourself doing strange and irrational things - not really being yourself. We will cover why that is and tools that work to help you unearth your self, your self-confidence and motivation.

This meeting will help you learn about how to effectively overcome:

-Out-of-control unwanted emotions
-Low self-esteem
-Irrational fears
-Traumatic or painfully emotional incidents
-Feeling like you're not really yourself

We will discuss how to unleash the inner you and tap into your true potential. So come to this online meetup!

This group was sponsored by the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center.

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Overcome Barriers to Happy Relationships

Online event

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